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  1. Gon

    Has the new update helped?

    Update didn't help me on my 12h+ world. ~15 FPS before, ~15FPS after. However it's probably because my FPS is low not because of tethers but because of exploring. I'm really happy that devs are doing some optimization work now I'm sure that after some amount of updates we will get stable FPS. It takes time to fix everything.
  2. Gon

    Smooth Terrain Functionality

    It's easy to confuse flattening with smoothing That's what is smoothing: http://pl.tinypic.com/player.php?v=2s9wwf4&s=9
  3. Gon

    Uses for Hematite?

    You mean exotic planet? Did you find in underground or at the surface?
  4. Gon

    Share your bases/creations!

    There are tons of batteries inside, outside there are ~7 solar panels. Below the base is vehicle hangar. Main room has "stairs" to the vehicle hangar and to the top floor(empty). It's hard to see these stairs here because of no tethers
  5. I think that oxygen capacity is perfectly fine. Oxygen tank greatly increases your total oxygen capacity but try two of them. I'm running with two oxygen tanks and I don't use tethers anymore because these two tanks are enough for me to explore caves for resources. I also have one compound just in case to craft emergency filters, I did it just once but that once saved me from death. After playing some time with two oxygen tanks all the time I see suit's oxygen more as a reserve. Availability of pure oxygen in caves also helps. Oxygen tanks and batteries let you customize your backpack to what you need. If you want to be able to go around exploring more without spamming tethers, oxygen tanks are great. If you find yourself limited by oxygen, get some tanks. If these 1-2 less slots also hurt, you can bring your hover at cave entrance and put storage in convenient place(eg. first cave intersection). I tried once 4 oxygen tanks for going on a long trip and it took ages to deplete my oxygen. If you want to run around the planet exploring things, you can get even more of them but for longer trips you really need a rover or truck. Your vehicle is very important thing if you want to go for long trips, you should never leave your base without it if you know that your maximum oxygen capacity(main + tanks) won't be enough. Oxygen is currently balanced in my eyes.
  6. Of course bugfixes should be priority now, but for future I have some ideas: - Nerf fuel from fuel condenser Currently, player can build fuel condenser, trade platform and get unlimited amount of resources because 1 fuel = 2 resin/compound etc. Also, condenser makes mineable fuel useless as soon as condenser is researched. I suggest separating fuel getting from condenser and fuel from "crystals" or whatever they are called. Fuel from condenser could be "low quality fuel", maybe even 0.5x as efficient as now, this will make mineable fuel be worth something even with fuel condenser researched. Also, it wouldn't be worth much in trade platform or worth nothing at all. Mineable fuel however would have still the same efficiency and trade platform cost would be the same, making mining it really worth even with fuel condenser researched. - Add "big deform tool" as crane addon Currently, building tunnels for rovers is time consuming. Also, crane idea is fantastic thing and could be expanded. Currently, mining attachment(or how it's called in English) is pure mining tool, weaker terrain deformation than deform tool and no energy consumption. Maybe crane deform tool could be added as an attachment for crane? It would have the same speed of deforming as handheld version but it would use rover's energy to operate and would allow to make tunnels enough for small rover size. It could be also used for adding/flattening terrain. - Add "smooth surface" option for deform tool There is "flatten surface" option but my idea is quite different. When I have for example really rough terrain over area, many humps with sharp edges, annoying small holes etc. and I don't want to change entire shape of the terrain, currently it's hard to do. Rovers are terrain sensitive and it would help insanely when creating underground tunnels or roads, also for building slopes for player. What I mean: http://imgur.com/a/PeOn7 Let's say it's the terrain when looking from the side, meaning that everything above line is air, everything below is terrain. We created a road with deform tool, but it's really rough(red line), now we use "smooth surface" option and we get nice terrain(black line). Second picture shows how it could be used for creating slopes(the same line colors as before). If you can't understand what I'm talking about, I'm talking about this: http://pl.tinypic.com/r/2s9wwf4/9 - Overall future planet content We all know that wipes aren't pleasant when it comes to sandbox games. It will be best for players if there are no wipes was all.// and I hope there won't be any wipe. When it comes to new resources, I think that currently there are already many resources that can be found on just one planet, so new resources could be added to new planet types/biomes. Also, I think it would be best if some researches could be limited to certain planets(for example, there's a resource only available on certain planet types and blueprints for modules using that resource can be found only on these planets). - Better waypoint visibility Sometimes "habitat" or "vehicle" markers aren't high enough and it makes them hard to spot sometimes. - Removing built modules and player-placed habitats. Don't need a comment I think. - Add a chance for other resources to appear in research cubes. Currently they feel like the best way to get Titanium and Lithium with no need to even try mining it on other planets. - Maybe someone who will read all that feedback because it would take entire day for one person to read all of this and for team of 6 devs one person is quite a big amount
  7. Gon

    Terrain visual glitch

    I can confirm, but this gap isn't just visual bug. If it becomes big enough to fit a player, player can fall below the ground. Also, at least in my case, these gaps become bigger and bigger over time.
  8. I think that two save files aren't enough, my save got corrupted and both save files are crashing to desktop whenever I try loading them
  9. Gon

    Corrupted save

    I played few hours, saved and loaded few times and now my save is corrupted. Every time I try to load it, the game just crashes to desktop Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8k8qu028hngrkrn/Logs.rar?dl=0