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  1. Every 3rd or 4th time of opening the game it fails to launch so I have to keep uninstalling. Every time I reinstall I have to delete the ses logo, loading icon, and legal all from the movies folder as without doing so it freezes when the blue ses logo appears.
  2. yeah my mate had it happen to him whilst I was hosting
  3. licon4812

    [1.0.1] [Windows 10] Freeze and Crash

    Ok so I was able to fix this buy deleting the ses logo movies and the legal movies. Which pretty much removes the logo and the legal screen from the game itself stopping the crashing
  4. hopefully the next update will fix these issues
  5. Either the game freezes at the System Era logo or it immediately crashes on start up. I have the latest version of windows 10 and my drivers are up to date.
  6. terrain 2.0 will be more optimized at launch. This is a tech test so it is bound to be broken
  7. licon4812

    Split Planet

    lol it is the first time I have in counted it and I have been playing since 2015. Yeah I landed and it was fine.
  8. licon4812

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    ASTRONEER 10_11_2018 3_01_44 PM.mp4
  9. licon4812

    Split Planet

    The video attached pretty much shows the bug. ASTRONEER 10_11_2018 3_01_44 PM.mp4
  10. It would be really cool if instead of just clicking a planet and the ship flying there automatically, that instead space acts as a sort of hub in which a player can manually fly from planet to planet. Fuel will deplete as you move, depending on the distance and speed travelled determines how much fuel is used. It would also be cool if larger shuttles could travel further distances as opposed to the smaller sleeveless. It would be also really cool if you could build the ship at some form of launch pad (sort of like Neptune in subnautica) allowing us to take off and land on the shuttle pad as well as custom build our shuttle. I truly believe that space travel would be more enjoyable if the player has most control over the flight (sort of like no mans sky).
  11. licon4812

    Rover Won't Move

    this happened to me except removing soil didn't fix it
  12. licon4812

    Map (GPS)

    it appears that a feature like this is wanted by heaps of players. I hope the devs read this thread
  13. The same thing happens when printing an enclosed 3 seater to large shuttles