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    Transceiver: Wireless Base Connection
  2. Building (Base Platform): possible research necessary to build, Transmits and Receives Resources Building a Transceiver in your base will permit the sending and receiving of power. If you have two bases with a Transceiver in each base, they will share power levels between them. Power will still flow toward the thing which is requesting it, and toward the Base that is requesting it. This is a simple and effective way to open up many possibilities for base expansion. I got thought of this recently while entertaining the idea of connecting bases around a larger portion of the planet in order to be receiving solar power for longer periods of time each day. I think A lot of players are looking for ways to increase their power sustainability in order to do more complex terraforming, and I don't think it should be difficult for players to be ambitions with their power supply. I imagine players with bases all over the planet they're working on, using Transceivers to transmit power from all over back to their work zone.
  3. Dirt could be added to the Forms by mousing over them with the terraform tool equipped. Adding dirt would become the normal left mouse click and when the Form is being filled it would not longer be able to be moved until it is full when it could again become grabbable. The player could move and reuse the Frames to build larger structures.
  4. First we must define Dirt as a resource in the game. Dirt is accumulated by the player when they use the terrain tool to dig. At the moment nothing happens to this Dirt, the tool seems to remove it from existence. I believe it's good that Dirt goes away when it's dug out and isn't a manageable resource.. however there may be a way to keep this Dirt resource meaningful and keep players aware of it that doesn't hinder them. My Idea for the handling of Dirt is for it to have a quantity that builds up and fills "charges" within the terraform tool. This quantity could be based on the amount of time a player digs for or the amount of ground displaced or whatever works. Now, while there is an 'add' function already for the terrain tool, the idea of using your Dirt resource to build up the terrain to benefit you has not at all been emphasized. I suggest the addition of new buildables called Frames, that can be researched and built in a Printer. Frames are simple structures that have a set shape and size and visually are like a wireframe. They are made of a mixture of Compound and Resin can be grabbed and placed down by the player and attached to each other by snap points. Now we have a way for the player to use the Dirt they gather by depositing it into these Frames. Since the Frames connect with each other they are easy to use and it will make building shelter from storms very straightforward. The idea I have for the size and shape of the frames is something like this picture: In your own art style and themed direction.