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  1. KurumiAndRias

    tip for vehicles and seats

    i just figured this out a while ago, but never weld seats on to your trucks/rovers with the vehicle bay. always make one in your printer, because you can put them on and take them off your vehicles. dunno if it's a bug/glitch, but it's a lot better than having your seat permanently fused to it (in case you want to make it like a train or something)
  2. KurumiAndRias

    XB1 what is the control to sprint?

    i thought you just hold it down?
  3. KurumiAndRias


    you have to smelt the malachite. just in case you didn't know. pretty much only underground.
  4. KurumiAndRias

    Astroneer except you have severe hoarding problems

    that's a really good idea for crane, it's pretty bare bones right now. no reason to use it at all except that it doesn't take fuel.
  5. KurumiAndRias


    You can glitch yourself back up if you'd like by using your terrain tool near a wall on yourself to glitch yourself into the voxels. (bury yourself in the ground to float back up to the top)
  6. KurumiAndRias


    you just join someone. that's it.
  7. KurumiAndRias

    Material disapeared

    yeah that really sucks, make sure to put 2 storage units on it so you ALWAYS have room for new stuff until it's fixed
  8. KurumiAndRias

    What is the cockpit for on space ship / shuttle?

    yeah it is cheating but pretty harmless
  9. I just did it like an hour ago. Unless if you mean like not on xbox, because I'm on xbox.
  10. KurumiAndRias

    This Game is.. Amazingg.

    The game is wonderful, isn't it.
  11. KurumiAndRias


    well, i think i know what you mean. that's not water, you're in a colliding object and the engine is trying to get you out of it. it's probably a problem with the game not loading the ground and then loading it when you're inside of it and the engine doesn't know what to do with you.
  12. KurumiAndRias


  13. KurumiAndRias

    Astroneer except you have severe hoarding problems

    thanks my base has loads of storages on them. too bad you can't put the big ones you put on vehicles on your base, or i'd have so much more
  14. KurumiAndRias


    Care to elaborate?
  15. well i was using the chair glitch and got out and back in again while really high, wasn't a smart move because the ground below me refused to load because i'm a goddamn cheater