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    Introduce Yourself - Megathread

    I'm Cardinal and I love games! I don't play them much and I haven't been active since I get bored easily but I love making friends. Let's all have fun!
  2. Cardinal

    New Office Space

  3. Cardinal

    Steam experimental

  4. Cardinal

    Astroneer Bingo

    Ahhhh you didn't have to change them! I was just being picky. And yet I am picky again because C is Carbon and Co is Cobalt. BUT DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!
  5. Cardinal

    Astroneer Bingo

    Some of the acronyms bother me a bit. Like Coal being Cl, because Cl is Chlorine in the periodic table. Copper is Cu. Just small stuff
  6. Cardinal

    Deleting Worlds?

    Im glad someone responded for me!
  7. Cardinal


    Omg that'd be horrifying but sounds nice. Adds a survival aspect to it. Maybe we can then build barriers. I mean we already can, but it's very crude.
  8. Cardinal

    Do I Get To Keep Astroneer

    Woah... this game is 60 dollars in full?? Wow I'm glad I bout it Early Access then.
  9. Cardinal

    Deleting Worlds?

    It's not that hard! I believe in you.
  10. Cardinal

    Blue rectangular pillars

    aesthetic is what I live for
  11. Cardinal

    When's update day?

    No set date!
  12. Cardinal

    Can you delete a module you made?

    it would be so cool, as long as recycling stuff or just deleting
  13. Cardinal

    Where is the core?

    you'll know
  14. Cardinal

    need players

    There's a megathread for looking for groups! Post your info there and I'm sure you'll get someone.
  15. Similar to the last bug I posted, but this time I can't take an item off.
  16. Cardinal

    Can we use spaceship parts?

    Aw man that sucks. Good thing you found a solution!
  17. Cardinal

    Can we use spaceship parts?

    it works fine without a battery for me
  18. It's not working! This is new to me! What about you guys? Steam btw. Single player.
  19. Cardinal

    Can we use spaceship parts?

    Or if you prefer I can just tell you here. You need a winch first of all, to drag the solar panel. To have it power your base you need to connect it via a vehicle; I use rovers.
  20. I thought it was a feature.
  21. Cardinal

    How do i get rid of fallen trees

    you can't woops
  22. Cardinal

    Question for support

    You can refund it to steam, and then buy the xbox version.