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  1. kiddo left my game after saving while sitting in the habitat and all of his inventory got left behind inside the habitat. we can only see it when one of us are sitting in there but he lost battery, air canister, dynamite, solar panel, etc We also did notice inventory lying around on the ground which Must also have been his every time he left the game.
  2. crotts

    Roadmap Update

    RLY need to fix physics... Had too many things plugged in (rover, shuttle) yet flipped upside down by storms or carried into the sky to freeze there with the wheels off. Hilarious? yes, until the kid digs a 30 ft hole trying to get something upright and the winch flips the rover which rolls into the hole as well then tries again with the crane which also rolls into the hole..... Sooo much time wasted.
  3. crotts

    Transparent-ish Green Screen

    My son is running Windows 7sp1, 64 bit and its doing the same thing. Tried uninstalling and reloading- restarting computer. Nothing works so far. Sad since I got him the game for Christmas and he can't even play it. Looks just like the previous post.