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  1. KimJungUn

    Rework of the Fuel Condenser

    You are right. This might be the solution; Increase the time it takes the converte power into fuel, and then add the feature that the crystal could speed up the process. People need a reason to explore. Allways. Make em go out and explore/collect and create.
  2. KimJungUn

    Tether Capacity

    Love it! A really good idea. But first tag your thread as "idea". You're totally right. The thering is such a good idea but in the mid-late game it becomes "to easy" and "too powerfull".
  3. KimJungUn

    Share your bases/creations!

    We should try to blow it up
  4. KimJungUn

    Share your bases/creations!

    Look what i found in the deep cave. Am i the first? Can i name it?
  5. KimJungUn

    The Fatal Winch Bug

    The winch causes the "corroupted saves" crashes.
  6. KimJungUn

    Winch corrupted save

    This is sooo true!!! This is the reason why a lot of players have to make new games all the time!!
  7. Hey peps I have looked into the problem and i have read serveral pages. All the corrupted saves have one common thing. The winch is buggin. The winch is behind the corrupted saves. My English is not good, so i cant really argue.
  8. Hej Guys I'm wondering to post my screenshots? It could be nice to have a place for all of our screenshots. Selfie! Wohaaa Extinct? Which way? Dynamite down here? Should i be afraid? Still dead? Oxygen is low... Soo small... Well... i'm dead...
  9. KimJungUn

    Corrupted save

    I have the same problem!
  10. JOJO Devs! <3 My game crashes during the loadingscreen of one of my worlds. I can launch it, play other worlds, but this one world is bugged. It's unable to load it. Here is my computer stats; Report file.txt Btw. im already way too addicted, so if you want to make some real money, start a therapy program (The game is sooo good)