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    Astroneer The Core

    i tried host the game on my laptop and join it with my desktop, but it was so laggy(network)... when i jump on a vehicle, it started flying around and gone crazy...
  2. ariesbt

    Astroneer The Core

    such a great job!!!!!!!!!! i thought i made it to the core until i saw your video. i met a grey rock ball, i was so stupid to think that is core lol... i digged huge vertical well down because i worried about missing the core, i saw your video, your digged it slope not vertical. how did you know your were digging the right direction. and by the way why your gameplay so smooth with high fps. my average fps is only about 20fps and i run it with gtx1080 and i7-6700k. Did you do some adjustment in video card control panel? any information will be great.
  3. bug #4, when you pull them up and relocate, they works normal(light up) again. FYI, actually I am not upset at all, huge fun overcome the sadness, And i always keep the crucial save data in a new folder, so when something bad happen i just replace it with old files. its a good habit should be spread out. great job guys. :3
  4. bug #1: As we know, this game will become laggy after a while. then the terrain on Barren(moon) go crazy, cannot drive truck properly, half truck stuck into the ground and keep shaking. camera view keep being dragged down to the ground when get off the truck. it turn to normal after restart the game. Bug #2: the beacons layout i placed on Terran(earth) floating in the space like a model. Bug #3: when landing the spaceship on vehicle bay on the moon, my truck floating in the space, if land on original landing spot, its alright. bug #4: tethers gone dark on earth sometimes at daytime, shows the connection to the player on and off.
  5. C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames\ you need to turn on ""show hidden files, folders and drives"" in folder options first
  6. later you can manually save the crucial save files in a new folder
  7. i tried to redo the "bug" again by attach the rover to the platform to charge, then move the rover. this time game didnt crash, rover just simply detach from the platform.
  8. found a temporary solution. in AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames, there are actually two saving file for each astronaut, the latest one and the one before that, so i renamed the latest so it wont be picked up by the system. and the saving in the game successfully replaced by the second latest saving, so i can continue. it is a "insurance" the dev put in the game on purpose? cause its a live saver. :3
  9. first of all, great game, thank you very much. play with Steam, Windows 10 i'd played few hours and everything was fine. But when i pull over the rover beside any "platform"(sorry i played in other language and dont know how to switch to english), it shows i can connect the rover to the platform, then i did. because i place the platforms little messy at the beginning, i thought maybe i can tow the platform with the rover to re-organize the layout of the base. then, i jumped up the rover and pull, game crashed, i tried reload saving it crashed again. so i guess i cant continue the old process again. i made a new saving, it reloaded properly. anyone knows the solution regarding to that issue?