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  1. An_on

    Interaction issues

    occasionally, I stop being able to move things, nor selecting to move. I can still do some interactions, like start smelting and look in my backpack, but I can't, say, move that piece of laterite to the smelter from my b-pack
  2. I think it would be cool to have an "elevator" that can hold, say, 4 medium wind turbines (or already has a large turbine) that automatically changes its height so the turbines get maximum wind speed and thus generate the most power
  3. Add power grades to the game, little marks that make it obvious how much power a device runs best with. For example, a Smelter may run with 1 unit of power per action per second, and the electrical system may try to first distribute avaliable power to have as many devices at required power as possible before dishing out overclocking power (so in the daytime almost everything is overclocked but at night at least some devices are still working). Similarly, implementing power priorities to groups of devices would be appreciated - if I have "produce bytes" on the top, the system would be more generous to research stations, but if i say "produce metals", the system will prefer to toss power to the smelters.
  4. An_on

    Satalite mapping system

    That would be quite cool. Actually, how about we have various mapping systems but they have differences, like there can be a drone which will capture a small area but in great detail, and a satellite can take low-res looks of a large area. Another fact about satellites - it'll be horrendous for a computer to try to high-quality render the entire surface of a planet. It could, however, be possible, to render and save an image of a low-res map of the surface, a but higher quality than what you see in a space shuttle orbit.
  5. An_on

    Vehicle Controls

    IMO, since they already implemented the camera-dependent controls, I think they should have an option for both. I especially think that some players will greatly prefer the current scheme, especially Halo addicts
  6. An_on

    Coal the missing link?

    I found coal on Terran the other day, but yea relatively speaking it's quite rare
  7. Attaching a terrain analyzer makes digging stop at some random places, such that i can find weird shapes of sorts. The bug doesn't affect the functionality of the flattening and building tools (note - I'm not exactly certain what the terrain analyzer is supposed to do, I'm still on the main world)