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  1. +1 on this same problem. I checked the location specified on this site for log files and found nothing. I was able to find the attached .dmp file that had a date and time stamp that matched the time of the crash. I am also attaching the output from dxdiag. I truly love this game. I've been playing pretty much throughout the Early Access period. The fact that it's gotten less stable with each new post-release patch is depressing. I hope this gets fixed - soon. Otherwise it will join the graveyard of unplayed games... Thanks. unreal-v0-2019.04.09-19.03.53.dmp DxDiag.txt
  2. The worklight only seems to light under very specific power conditions. When I place it in a socket or connect it directly to a platform that is getting direct power from a generator or battery, it works fine. It will also light up when plugged into or connected directly to a vehicle, However, when I connect to power more indirectly, through an extender or to a platform that is only connected to a power source via an extender, it refuses to light up. This is the case even when I ensure the power in the lines via the connector are flowing towards the worklight.
  3. Platform Steam/Windows 10 Version Patch 119 Problem I had constructed two vehicle bays, launched a shuttle from one of these. When I returned from my sojourn, the shuttle landed on top of the space ship that was parked in the non-empty vehicle bay, completely ignoring the empty vehicle bay that was available. Now the shuttle is trapped under the spaceship. I refueled and entered the shuttle, but when I go to click on the launch button, the shuttle won't launch. Tried to use the winch to drag the shuttle away, but that fails.
  4. I think it would be awesome if the terrain tool settings could be fine tuned a little. In many cases it is very unwieldy to have to use the single-setting for the tool spread; it would be great if you could dial the spread up or down (kind of like the adjustment on a flashlight) so the circular area gets bigger or smaller. Also, it might be nice if the strength of the dig (or fill) tool could also be adjusted. As it stand right now, creating smooth surfaces that are accessible by the rover or truck are extremely difficult. Also, filling in surface dig spots to reclaim ground is also very t
  5. Same here - got out of the rover to collect resources and when I turned around to load, the rover was gone. Also had a storage rack (unattached to anything disappear when I was standing right next to it.
  6. While I was playing, the tether suddenly stopped working. The pylons were all still in place, but the lines between them were black. After I died and came back, same problem, so I restarted the game and now the pylons are working, but I can no longer move them unless I open the backpack and select the pylon directly with the mouse. Great game! Keep it coming.