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  1. probro

    Desolo Gateway Chamber Won't Unlock

    Interesting. I haven't seen a post from anyone who sees this problem on saves created after the first couple patches. I wonder if the bug hasn't been fixed already for new world generation, but nothing done about current saves. Of course, heaven forbid a Dev actually reply to one of these threads...
  2. probro

    Desolo Gateway Chamber Won't Unlock

    There are other threads here reporting the same bug. They (SES) have savegames and movies and other info. Hopefully they will fix this. For my first run, it was Atrox that was bugged. Good news for those with the bug is that starting another save, chances are good you won't hit this bug again with them. I've completed four full runs now and only the first was bugged. I am curious AStorms13 on when you started this save? Was it on launch day or that very first released version, or more recent?
  3. Thank you for posting this, was going to post one myself. A ghost of the packager is still taking backpack space and if you click on the space, it will pick it up. I'll add a video clip.
  4. probro

    Is Atrox bugged? I can't get to the chambers

    My most recent run saw an Atrox exactly like yours. The terrain was also more tortured than I've seen it before. Usually Atrox is pretty easy to drive across, but not this time. Said "Challenge Accepted!", grabbed a few extra canisters and made ramps large enough for my large rover-drill and activated all of the gateways there.
  5. Oh, and as far as the OP... I think he is showing that he played in alpha but doesn't have the retro suit.
  6. To SES's credit, they didn't lie or exaggerate what the game would be or what content it would have. It is not overpriced like NMS was (IMO obviously). But they have made pretty much every other mistake made by Hello Games. Set an arbitrary release date on which it will be released regardless if it is ready or not (Feb 6th). Promise better optimization on 1.0 release, but have major performance issues way worse than alpha. Do no large-scale beta testing and release a bug-ridden mess. There were more bugs and crashes in 1.0 than in any Alpha version I can remember and I played them all (nearly 1000 hours in Alpha). The lack of a public "known issues" list and unfixed bugs that have been around since before 1.0 make people feel like their bug reports are a waste of time. They've made mistakes NMS didn't. Biggest in my mind is having our alpha version and their internal version be so different was a huge mistake. They could have disabled the sat thus protecting the endgame and let us beta test the real game instead of wasting time with v0.10.5 "Final Alpha". As a former software developer (reformed), if they learned these kinds of dev tactics at GDC... then maybe they should skip that conference. The good news is that like Hello Games, I believe SES will eventually make the game mostly right . When that day happens, I'll change my steam review like I did for NMS. Things ARE getting better. Another good round or two of bug fixes... and get dedicated multiplayer servers going to relieve that whole line of problems, and maybe we'll be there.
  7. probro

    I need help to play this game.

    Try Alt-Enter to change to full-screen mode. Game isn't going to play well (or maybe at all) at 800x600. Try ESC and change settings to increase resolution if full-screen didn't fix it.
  8. Yet another patch goes by and no fix for our bug. 😞
  9. I've seen the "sticky feet" problem too, on all saves, but don't know if it is related. I don't think so because I don't sink while walking, only get stopped from moving forward. I have also seen "quicksand" where half the player is submerged in the ground but only seen that a couple times in >100 hours of 1.0 playtime. Drill on rover (or tractor) causes sinking about the same on all planets and not related to moving forward. The drill on my third save works perfectly, it is only on save#2 they are bugged.
  10. This bug is weird. My second save has this bug but I can go back to my first save and it doesn't happen. Almost to that point in save #3 so we'll see what RNG does to me this time.
  11. probro

    Can't activate nodes on Desolo

    Still bugged in 1.0.9. I'm tired of waiting. Negative steam review inbound...
  12. You're welcome... and I understand. But don't underestimate the replay value of sandbox games like this. I have nearly 1100 hours since 2016 and have replayed the game many many MANY times. The amount of time it takes to "complete" a run has increased greatly since v1.0, but the replay-ability is still there. Fingers crossed for the patch tomorrow...
  13. Yes, other threads here reporting same problem. It was all of Atrox's gateways for my first save. The other planets' gateways unlocked fine. I was able to complete a second save activating everything, so chances are good a new save won't have the same problem. (not what you want to hear, I know...) They do know about the bug. We'll see if it gets fixed in this next update.
  14. probro

    Can't activate nodes on Desolo

    I was able to finish a second complete run of the game, activating everything on every planet. So there was nothing about my install or setup... just RNG that my first run was bugged.
  15. Same problem with latest run. I found I could spam the activate key every second or so and continue driving.