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  1. Samaya

    Patch 0.6.2 - February 28th, 2018

    @SES_joe One little tiny thing, might be a bug...but I can only change the volumes click by click.Holding down the mouse button does nothing.
  2. Samaya

    Extender and tether "snapping"

    That's also an idea...kuddos
  3. Samaya

    Extender and tether "snapping"

    what do you mean?
  4. So, some people enjoy sandbox games as they are, where they can be creative and create their own challenges and not really needing challenges be presented to them. Other people, like me, do prefer there to be challenges in game. And I know you guys are planning on adding those challenges. But, you can only do so much, and there are lots of people out there with lots of great ideas who could help. And to make it clear, I'm not talking about mods. I'm talking about having an in-game option for users to create challenges, or puzzles, whatever you want to call them, and making it very easy to share them.
  5. I do like the new hologram change, they look really "ghostly", and I like that. But, they do look odd from a distance, because the hologram only uses a certain amount of "scanlines", which increases as you get nearer to it, making them more detailed/hi-res...that might need some tweaking
  6. Samaya

    Quick connect between platforms

    Yes, this would be very helpful
  7. Samaya

    Extender and tether "snapping"

    O, one more thing. I once placed extenders so that power flowed the wrong way...and I had to change every single extender to let it flow the other way...this should definitely be changed...or I missed something...
  8. Samaya

    Extender and tether "snapping"

    I'm not sure what you mean. When I select am extender and drag it, when going past the max range the holo disappears and I can't place it. I think you misunderstand what I'm talking about. It's not about there being a max range, it's about making the placing less finicky by being able to place the extender, even when your mouse cursor is beyond the max range of the extender. As it is right now, you have to place the extender just right in order to get the max range out of, which is kind of a hassle. Also, about tethers, I played this game before the new tether placing system was introduced, and the current system is better, but could still use some improvement. See below Yes yes, totally agree. And, if you prefer manual placement, they could even revert back to the older system where when pressing T, the tether would be place in your hand instead of on the ground, and it would "snap" and hold to its max range. Also, going back to extender placement, what about instead of having to place each extender manually, it would auto place extenders along your path as long as you have extenders in your backpack. Small sidenote on the extenders as they are now, I think the individual extender range could be a bit longer, I don't really see the added benefit of having the range being so small.
  9. So right now when placing extenders and tethers, you have to place them just right in order to get the maximum range out of them, and this is a bit finicky. Wouldn't it be an idea to let extenders and tethers "snap" to the maximum range when you're going past it. So that when your mouse, holding the extender or tether, is past the max range, the extender or tether doesn't disappear, but stays in place at max range, and won't disappear until you're further out of range.
  10. It seems that Astroneer doesnt always exit properly, Steam keeps displaying the game as "running". When restarting the game, Steam gives an error message. Only restarting steam seems to solve this issue
  11. While I do prefer the look and abilities of the new base building system, it also feels like it's more of a hassle to build your base, which kinda puts me off. Before building new platforms and printing base modules was really simple. Dragging out a conduit, dumping some resin, choosing the module and you're done. Now you have several more steps to go through. First you have to physically go to the new module printer, hold q to choose what to print, take what you print to the desired spot, fiddle around with the positioning, unpack both boxes (platform and module), and connect the power. The fiddling with placement might be resolved by having some sort of snapping, either by default or optional. Snapping platforms to certain alignments so that placing them in a row or grid becomes easier. Connecting the power conduits is also a bit fiddly. I would suggest that dragging a power conduit to the desired platform as a whole, instead of the precise placement of the power connector would make it less fiddly. Now the rest of my "complains" deal with the new system as a whole, so changing that would mean redoing the entire operational system of how you print your modules, which I think is unlikely...but I wanted to comment on it none the less...
  12. Samaya

    Longer Build Times

    In theory I like this idea, but only for "special" purposes. Like, I don't know, when for example, in the future of Astroneer, when you can recover crashed space ships, it takes time to repair them, and like the research station it will go quicker to more power you have? I wouldn't implement this for the normal buildings.
  13. Samaya

    Tattletale signs of resources

    Also, I think the way resources are currently designed and distributed is a little too...easy? I would expand on your idea by making resources, at least in some cases, less obvious, by making the telltale signs of certain resources harder to spot (no above ground signs), increasing the range of sizes, from large to small deposits and adding the existence of large and small veins. I think this would add a bit of surprise when you hit a large deposit or vein of a certain resource, where right now it's relatively easy to spot resources.
  14. Well, to be honest, this has already been suggested maaaaanyy times...check the sticky posts at the top...
  15. Samaya

    Deform Tool with built in Canister

    I actually like this idea very much. I think the new canister mechanic is a good addition, but it also impedes on just having a fun time playing. I think when it becomes obvious that a game mechanic, be it a good or bad addition, also adds a level of frustration, where none needs to be, it should be altered. An integrated canister would solve this problem I think.