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  1. maybe attach a "base-balloon" too it?
  2. Hi guys don't you think that a sandstorm now and then is a bit bland? I could use some more disasters like solar flares that drains your batteries, What else do you think that could be good implementation to this game?
  3. Please whatever you chose to do with this awesome game, please keep it as simple as it is now! I've seen far to many games where the devs wanted to much, had to high ambitions. This game is a VERY good start.
  4. I will follow this lead and report back as soon as my baby daughter will allow me some spare time
  5. I've tried this multiple times. With the game running - no luck. With the game closed - no luck (this just made the game open and then i could only exit through task manager).
  6. is there any easy way to play co-op multiplayer through steam? I've tried multiple solutions to get it to work but i cant connect to my mates game