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  1. Steam, Windows, keyboard. When I started the game executable, it's always starting in the FullHD mode (1920*1080) however I have 2.5K monitor (25xx*1440). It's not a big problem but I'm quite bored to switch resolution every time. I've found *ini-file and tries to change it - with no result. Maybe there is some workarounds?
  2. I've played from Steam, keyboard+mouse. Sometimes the items or resources can be dropped at the ground. And they can't be accessed again if they laying near dead alien lifeforms like mushrooms. There are MANY of them in the Moon's caverns so it's very hard to get misplaced tethers or exceeded resources back. They are just became non-targettable. And I suggest to make some module to get Organic from them - mainly for the destruction of this damn mushrooms. They are boring even dead. And the trees in the 1st planet - they also become the problem if located near base.
  3. The rovers are affected by winds so they can be moved away without your attention. And sometimes they can move down thru a thin ground layer in the cavern underground. I have the same sutuation - I'm started a base on the moon and when I'm returned my truck is gone without any tracks. I don't remember have it been connected to the base or not - if not, it can be gone with the wind.