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  1. Definitely massive tether tree computation is broken at the moment. May be the game is trying to actually load the entire area when the tree is being modified, idk.
  2. Update 2: I removed all loops from my original save and now it's back to normal. Please fix this :)
  3. Update: Yes, I can confirm that this is caused by the loops. One, but big one should be enough. For sake of testing I started the new game, found a lot of compound, and made a big loop around the quite big area. See picture 1. When I place the tether (thus making a loop) the game immediately freezes for 1-2 seconds. See image 2. The game continues to freeze every time I place more tethers. When I remove this big loop, the game returns back to normal.
  4. Same here. Freezes can be 10 seconds long (!!!), so basically exploring is kinda broken. There are ~200-300 tethers in my world, they form numerous branches, cycles, etc. It was never a problem before.
  5. Just made this Coub (10-second looped video with audio track). Hope you guys enjoy it
  6. Alright guys, I'm really impressed by this game. I didn't not play it long time enough to fully understand the mechanics of the planets. If I go directly to the East/West/whatever, will I return to the same place from the opposite direction? How much time will spend, if this possible?