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  1. Hi all! So firstly I love this game, really. But I have just one problem... storages... Yep you read storage because with my party I've begin today, I don't find the storage research and it's hard to organise compound, resin,... without storage. Maybe fix it to be in the first research we have. If you don' understand, I'm french, talk me and I can maybe explain better
  2. I don't know how you place all tethers but if you don't create this hole maybe it's a chunk which don't be create
  3. A topic name "What is it?" was ever create and for me I have found 3 of them and don't think it's just an easter egg. I think it's for future version
  4. §Yes I think like that t can be cool Maybe with can have a holo map in a batiment or a little gadget maybe.
  5. Not a chest a ball wich we can research becausei don't know the name
  6. It's too automatic I prefer explore caves, mine and find chest or dead body to have experience and progress
  7. No we have spaceships to travel and give a lot of ressources
  8. Salut Moi perso j'ai un seum intégral, je me baladais avec mes 3 camions accroché, avec grue, treuil, etc... sauf que j'ai perdu le trajet retour vers ma base xD. Je passe donc du temps à rechercher mon camion perdu près d'une montagne, près d'une grosse navette crashee mais je trouve pas. Ah oui aussi regardez un post où c'est What is it?, on a un objet dont on ne sait rien Merci et à plus
  9. I think the Creative mod can be cool because we could test a vehicule or a gadget. But the first gamemode you give,... Why not but I don't think it's a good idea, all the ressources are unlimited.So, let's developpers choice
  10. Yes it's a good idea. It seems like the Galacticraft mods in Minecraft. Maybe this mods can give others idea?