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    No multiplayer game in the same network possible

    I have the same issue. We have bought the game 3 times. Windows 10 are all 1903 XBox (Beta) is installed Windows Firewall is disabled AVG Firewall all temporarily disabled My client is started in in game Using the XBox (Beta) app to invite to game causes the started clients to be highlighted The co-op menu in the other clients says that my game is joinable Any attempt to join says 'Session not found' The router fireall does not drop any packets I can't find any log files? There are no error messages? How can I troubleshoot this? We have been waiting for years for the multiplayer to work?
  2. Placing a long chain of tethers with the XboxOne is very tedious and detracts from the gameplay. It would be really great if the tethers snapped to a circle around the nearest tether where the radius is the longest possible connection. This would make explorer much easier and smoother.