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  1. johanevil

    Ressources stuck in smelter

    oh you should also report that ALT+F4 can destroy the save file
  2. johanevil

    Ressources stuck in smelter

    did that delete your world or corrupt it? just curios
  3. I think it would be cool to be able to play the game in first person both in vehicles and on foot because sometimes the camera (3rd person) can be a bit annoying in corners of caves or small rooms for example. And for vehicles it would be a pretty nice feature too but i think first person for when youre not in a vehicle should be prioritized.
  4. johanevil

    Ressources stuck in smelter

    fill up the 4th slot (with any item) and put laterite in the smelter (this should fill the 3 aluminium ( if not all gets completely filled put in more))
  5. I researched about 12 objects (or more) and only got items. I was farming these unknown things and i got a few blueprints (3) but after that i started to only get items. Im using steam and windows 8. i dont know if theres a way to recreate the bug (if it is a bug) Comic sans cuz memes + total 12 years old
  6. johanevil

    New worlds

    This would cool but i think lakes and such should come first