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  1. Summary: - Steam - Very Old Cloud Saves Showing but not usable or removable Description: I reinstalled today but my cloud saves are from the end of last year or very early 2017. They don't hold any saves really, I just seem to start with that character on the world below. The issue is I can't delete the saves in game, can't create new ones and the saves aren't visible on my drive in the usual location. Is there any way to reset them or delete these so the cloud saves are updated maybe? I was looking forward to coming back but this is stopping me and a friend from getting stuck in atm. Below screenshot show what I see when I log into the game. Looks fine but no options to do anything with the four saves on the station. Platform: PC - Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 CPU: Intel i5 3570k 3.4GHz GPU: Nvidia 1070 6gb RAM: 4x8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: SSD 500GB (Only write down the drive where Astroneer is located)
  2. So I came back after a year. Want to play with a friend. But I can't get rid of my old worlds. They don't work, I guess they are too old? I deleted the files on my drive but I still can't start a new one. I'm guessing that the steam cloud has given me these worlds from before the delete tool was added but they aren't compatible/exist. What do I do now?
  3. VentureFox

    Can't extend from shuttle on new planet

    Yeah I'm also having this problem. I had to abandon my game series because I couldn't build on any planets anymore and the vehicle is unusable on the exotic planet I could build on (grass stops the truck for some reason). I basically had no where I could go and no other planet options. It has to be a bug.
  4. So much advancement on the Exotic planet but it's all for nothing when we finally get the truck out! What a complete cluster truck!
  5. Now up to Episode 9 and still going strong, encountered a few bugs in this episode but it hasn't put me off
  6. This makes sense, it's a diminishing return on your researching. I guess if you stay in one area too long, it'll be resources forever.
  7. It didn't seem like it at the time but come to think of it, I must have placed 10+ research pods on today and didn't get a single blueprint. Some of those were the rarer type too. I'm pretty sure that's never happened to me before, I always get one in every 5.
  8. VentureFox

    Tethers stopped working

    I had this issue today too, kind of sucked on my series video. I found that when I logged in, the tethers were all connected with black lines instead of blue and didn't function. I could get the tethers to light up again by replacing them but they wouldn't actually provide power or oxygen. When I picked up the tethers, they wouldn't apply to my backpack and were lost. It's like they didn't really exist.
  9. I have this issue too. I've returned to the planet several time and I've never returned to a vehicle. I'm assuming they are lost now. Kind of sucks.
  10. Episode 3: I stumble into a dangerous cave where I make a grim discovery.
  11. Episode 2: I venture out into the world to find new resources and expand the base.
  12. VentureFox

    Someone found Hubble!

    This is really cool, it's clear that the devs are pouring their passion into this one. I'm going to go looking for one so I can get to the puzzle
  13. First episode on my channel came out today. I really like this game, been following it for a year and i'm glad it's turned out to be a really good game and not too bare a shell. Can't wait for the planned updates.
  14. Eagerly awaiting early access!