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  1. A weapon to fight the creatures in the caves would be much more comfortable than just digging out the ground under them(but it is the only way now). Of course, it should be available through researching and could be an upgrade for a terraforming tool, like adding another modifier. It should use energy or even ammunition made from metals. It's not a high priority need but it would be nice to see it happening in the future.
  2. I'm playing on Steam version with keyboard and mouse, and it happens on a second landing of a vehicle, either shuttle and spaceship. When I go from my home planet to the other one I can set up a base no problem but when I try to build a second base from the same vehicle (on the same and other planets) it won't even let me create the blueprint to put the resin in. It would be ok with the shuttle to be like single-use only, but i think the spaceship should be able to create multiple bases.