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  1. Maybe try having someone join your game and enter try entering the same habitat? i dunno...
  2. Reduce your tether count, and instead build some tanks (for breathable air). Tethers I understand are kinda buggy atm.
  3. flAzer


    If you are uncomfortable managing the close of unneeded apps, try downloading a tool like RAZOR CORTEX which strives to kill unnecessary programs before you play a game.
  4. I've found that opening the same pods over and over lessen the chance of a research drop. I had to hunt for more exotic pods to finally get research kick started again.
  5. Well, it put up a struggle but in the end, I slayed, filleted, and picked its bones clean.
  6. Here's another screenshot: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/107356734876043595/A8B6CCDC47AF5788E701A19C342CE037D40978E5/
  7. flAzer

    failed expedition

    btw, how did you fail the expedition?
  8. I suppose you've already tried but if not, can you press TAB to right it? That works on ground vehicles...
  9. Well, not sure if this is a bug but, during storms vehicles can become un-tethered. That's to say, if my truck is tethered to a structure in my base, a storm can knock it free. Not sure if this also applies to vehicles tethered to each other.
  10. flAzer

    failed expedition

    Or head East or West... Once you are sure that you are heading in either direction, then you can focus on the Stars. Exit your vehicle, retract your vacuum, click on yourself and you'll be in compass mode. Jump into your vehicle, head in that East or West direction, and make adjustments every few minutes. Eventually you'll be heading due East or West, and run into your base (assuming its the starter on the equator). And as you are heading due East / West, the stars will make sense again. If for example you are so far away from the equator, navigating by the stars is a moot poi
  11. flAzer

    I'm Lost!

    hah - i "tried" following the stars and ended up at one of the poles. Realizing that the 1st was was essentially on the equator, I did use the compass (clicking on myself with the gun retracted) and hobbled my way East, and eventually to my base.
  12. Per the picture , I have these weird plates that appear to be forming around my Habitat. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/107356734868989010/AAC98CFA9EA2F422A906259BBE79A2D052076748/
  13. So I'm on ARID world and boy oh boy, what a beast to establish a base on. Anyway, I'm in process of digging... err undigging a wall around my base. Perhaps having a shield device, a force field would be nice. Perhaps they'd be modular, each unit covering a modest map segment, and each unit would require as an ingredient, a battery of some type.
  14. Hows bout a GPS device? I was hunting for loot and got lost... I ended up at the Northern Pole and realizing that the base was on the equator, eventually headed East and yeah found home. Would be nice to have a GPS / Navigation device on my rig (or backpack) that points me back to my Habitat, Beacons, etc.