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  1. Same issue here, crashed once loading my save and again saving my progress on a shuttle.
  2. Playing on Xbox One X, now my save file is kinda wonky, crashed loading it once and a second time when tried to save on a shuttle.
  3. I play on Xbox One X and I couldn't find the suit either, but I deleted the game and reinstalled it and got it back.
  4. Hi Christian, had this issue too. Try go to settings, Display & sound, Video output, Video Modes, and disable HDR. Play it without HDR until they fix this.
  5. Ricky, I can confirm this too. It seems it is the HDR causing the crash/shutdown. I tested a couple of times with 4k and have not crashed a single time. Thank you.
  6. Found a solution while they fix it. Go to settings, display and sound, video output, video modes, and uncheck Allow 4K and HDR. I launched the game like this 4 times in a row without failing. What I still don't know is if the problem is with 4k or with HDR, so I just turned both OFF. Keep in mind that if you still want to play other games in 4K HDR you have to check the two options again.
  7. Update 8.0 is terrible atleast on Xbox One X, you have tu cross your fingers and hope it doesn't crash and turns off your whole console. I am not gonna keep trying to play this until is fixed, I am not putting my console at risk.
  8. Update: after clearing the reserved space for the third time it did crashed and turned my xbox off. I didnt touched any of the settings.
  9. I went to Manage game and add-ons and cleared the Reserved space data and it didn't crashed. If anyone can confirm with the same result, please let me know.
  10. Having exactly the same issue, game crashes in loading screen and shut downs my xbox one x by itself, the only work around is to re-install the game. Not sure if it has something to do with settings manipulation.
  11. Same, crashing in loading screen and shutting my xbox down. I can play any other game but not astroneer.
  12. Anyone else finds annoying when you want to get your terrain tool out and you accidentally sit on your vehicle or habitat? What about adding an option to change the saving button?
  13. Love it, for me this is the first time I see devs so communicative and detailed with info.
  14. Great idea, tho I think they should personalize the standard storm for each planet to make them more unique. The same storm for all planets kinda makes it boring.
  15. What if there were more research and they were parts of buildings you can create however you want by placing this parts however you wish. For example: Research: walls, windows, floors, ceilings, glass ceilings, glass walls, wall with entrance, stairs or ramp.