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  1. Oh the trade system use to be even easier before they nerfed the fuel. You could generate fuel so fast and trade all of it for everything. It works to an extend, but once you go to another planet, you can only carry so many resources. Plus some planets don't have said resources available to start with (lithium and titanium, which requires a drill and crane to mine, and can't be found on the starter planet naturally). The game is about exploring, going to other planets, finding discoveries, the little mini-games. Sure you can take advantage of the trade system and everything, but you
  2. More videos because I love videos. One demonstration usage of the smaller solar panels, and how they align to the sun. I've orientated them in such a way that there is full coverage majority of the time (for about 135 degrees of the arc). Small solar panel alignment on truck w/ large storage The other video here shows how much power it actually generates. It produces enough power that the power both in my backpack/battery, and the truck, doesn't even deplete. So it's proven to be sustainable. Insane power generation from small power modules. I may start making videos about
  3. It's a proof of concept more than anything. It's highly unrealistic but it does work. I did try driving it around and as fun as it was to have that much energy, it took up a lot of unnecessary space. That being said, if you have a couple rovers/trucks/buildings, and you use a lot of power and/or have a lot of batteries, it could come in useful. The power being obtained for a single unit 1 second faster seems a bit extreme, but it could make or break your expedition (in a worst case scenario). Compounded, the more bars you need to fill up, the more time you save. But yes, crazy is an
  4. So really there is no reason to actually build a big wind turbine at all, in any scenario. Granted this uses 4x more resources but, the difference is you get twice the power. I'll have to do further testing to see whether the wind only affects possibly part of the wind vanes/turbines, and also how much wind affects it. But that brings into the discussion other questions... Do solar panels work by DIRECT light? Because if you stack small solar panels on a storage module, some of them are blocking the others, but they act as if they are at full power. Same for the wind. Shouldn't having a w
  5. OK, I forgot to take that into account. For the solar, it would be even for the vehicle, but just more expensive to build. Wind on the other hand... You could stack 8 wind vanes, and from what I can see in the game, regardless of which side of the storage they are, they turn. So you could effectively get... 8 sec/bar / 8 = 1 sec/bar. Now I know wind is sporadic and it's not consistent, but the setup would beat the wind turbine at 4 sec/bar. But the same inconsistency for the wind can be applied to the wind turbine as well. The wind turbine can only produce... 4 sec/bar. The only way
  6. I've been playing the game for about... 35+ hours, and am now thinking of ways to optimize power delivery to either my base, or the vehicles that are being made. Originally when I started the game, I'd go straight for say, the big wind turbine and the big solar panels. But now looking at the ASTRONEER WIKI - Power Small Solar Panel = 8 sec/bar 1 Slot Big Solar Panel = 2 sec/bar 2 Slot Small Wind Vane = 8 sec/bar 1 Slot Big Wind Vane (Turbine) = 4 sec/bar 2 Slot Now... On a rover for example, you have four mounting slot
  7. +1, it's annoying having to get out of the vehicle to check your bearing, then get back into said vehicle, only to lose said bearing. That being said, it would be cool either if it was a default HUD element, or implemented into the game as a craft-able item, either through the backpack for personal use, or by the printer for vehicle use.
  8. The problem with this is that, they run out very fast and they take quite awhile to regenerate. The power I can see being useful, the oxygen not so much as the base/vehicles already provide unlimited oxygen. But yeah setting this up similar in the way that a smelter automatically distributes the items to the storage next to them would be neat. I've always wanted to dig the entire node up and just bring it to base in tow.
  9. You can 'technically' attach them together already. Just put a rover in-between the connections, and use it to link them. That being said, it would be neat to connect very distant habitats together with a large cable. Similar to those undersea cables to transfer power and data.
  10. The map could be an item you have to craft either from your backpack, or from the printer. A smaller version could be made from your backpack, whereas you could make a bigger version from the printer. This would be neat so that, if you have a base, you can attach the map to whatever you want. This would be useful so other players could see the map. Almost like how Minecraft does their maps. And even better, you could piece them together to make a bigger map. Make smaller usable maps in your backpack and put them together to form a bigger map Use printer to make a bigger map that ca
  11. +1 to this. I have bases and vehicles in caves which don't show up necessarily unless i have a LOS to the cave/vehicle/beacon/etc.
  12. The game is fantastic, and I love how it is so far. I've been using the rovers and the trucks a lot lately, and now that I'm expanding my base, it's time to haul all that gear. That being said, while I understand the more rovers/trucks you have setup as a train slow it down, it would be nice to have different selections of speed. For example: Performance: Increases energy usage, but is faster, has higher top end, but less torque (single rover/truck, allowing for faster transport) Towing: Increases energy, is slower, has lower top end, but much higher torque (allowing it to not
  13. Hello! Please see the following info regarding the bug. To share a bug: Start a new thread in the Bugs sub-forum. Make sure the title is straight to the point. E.g., "Organic resource won't connect to the Generator" Give us as much information about the bug as possible: Mouse/keyboard? Controller? - Keyboard and Mouse Steam? Xbox? - Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug? - Researching unknown item Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. - See the video. Include any media you wan