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    Low Fps With Gtx 1060 *Must Read*

    I would think so
  2. sirdempster

    LOL. I want a different solar panel!

    When you got done placing all the conduits did it cause you to lag at all?
  3. sirdempster

    FPS lag fixed guys i got a guud one

    I hope you guys know this is a poorly optimized game, they even said themselves that its not that optimized. It will get better but if you just join a fresh save and get horrible frames thats you. If you have played for a few hours that is the game. The tethers are what do it especially the big ones that connect things like the printer to the habitat. TIP if your getting frame drop later in the game it could be caused a lot by your cars. If you connect a car to anything it drops your frames ALOT. If you have like 3 or more cars connecting to things thats were the lag is coming from.
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    Low Fps With Gtx 1060 *Must Read*

  5. sirdempster

    Low Fps With Gtx 1060 *Must Read*

    980ti is still a good card saying you can just go buy another one and plop it in.
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    Low Fps With Gtx 1060 *Must Read*

    1080GTX with 8GB of ram. I would just tell you the build of my 1080 but I forgot it.
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    Low Fps With Gtx 1060 *Must Read*

    Well, I would call the 1060 a rather high end card. I got a 1080 GTX with a 6700k processor 32GB ram about 70C on high end games. Havent checked what degree it is when I play astroneer though. My pc is HIGH end and I get lag around my base, the moment I leave my base the lag stops. There are a good amount of tethers on my world not too many though. When I tether 2 or more cars I start getting lag.
  8. When I connect multiple of my vehicles (like 3). In general when your vehicles connect it makes it laggy. The more connections the more lag. I have a high powered pc, 1080gtx 6700k cpu. I shouldnt be getting frame drop. If I unconnect the vehicles it stops lagging/frame drop. The farther I advance in the game the more lag I recieve. Although I only lag around my base were theres many things. But its game breaking lag.
  9. Noticing severe drop in performance if my vehicles are attached to the base and are currently pumping power to the base. I should mention this save has a very large number of tethers due to some rather ridiculously deep tunnels (love the depth of the planets). Suggest implementing a function to disable rendering of tethers to the user if out of view, or maybe disabling fluttering animation to tethers during dust storms when user is not within view.
  10. The rover and the truck sometimes while using them just glitch out and fly into the sky. and stay there. If I go up to get them they sometimes teleport away. Sometimes I cant even find them. This happens in multiplayer not sure about singleplayer. I joined my friends game and he doesnt have the problem