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  1. Ok, we can already plant seeds from dangerous trees. Can we now please have the ability to plant seeds from non-dangerous/benign trees and shrubs like the types that appear on Sylva and other planets.
  2. Ability to use the small, medium and large printers to create small, medium and large signs respectively. Printers will make signs using local session character set(s). Users can personalise their base with place names and road signs, leave messages for visitors, etc.
  3. Truck with Crane tips/flips too easily. Lost count of how many times the truck with the crane tipped/flipped over. Tried to dig it out. That did not work. Then had to try and get it out of a pit. Then tried to winch the truck out with 3 winches and that did not work either. I ended up abandoning the truck in frustration and will not build another truck with a winch again.
  4. Would be great if the player was equipped with: - GPS coordinates for each planet for navigation and - an altimeter to determine their altitude on the planet (height above the surface and depth below the surface)
  5. Should not be able to launch or land spaceships from underground Vehicle Bays and Trade Platforms. This cannot work and does not make logical sense!
  6. Remove 'Resource Pumps' (squarish structures on surface where resources can be farmed). They detract from the spirit of the game. Players should have to mine for resources and not simply farm them from the 'Resource Pumps'.
  7. Alphabetise backpack crafting item order (and maybe also trade platform item order) so items appear in a logical order rather than just some random order.
  8. Make sure you can see outside to see if storm is still raging. Sound of storm persists underground even when it has visibly finished.
  9. I found a dead myself at base. Tried to do the right think and bury him but he did not want to go.
  10. can the icons for items and beacons be a bit more intelligent. How about a steering wheel instead of 3 dots for vehicles. Also, allow users to pick from a list of simple icons for placed beacons. For example, a cave icon, a rocket icon, house icons, etc.
  11. Sometimes the vehicles (truck and rover) do not move even when they are fully charged And not obstructed. When this happens i must restart the game to rectify.
  12. When you have multiple games, the games are identified by the last load time. This is a bit confusing? Can the load time idenitifer be changed to be the time the game was created/launched?
  13. The vehicle icon behind the mountains: I tried to get to the vehicle and died a couple of times. I started a new game, but decided to have another go at getting the vehicle back. Eventually found vehicle (was the truck ). Still have not found Rover. Had to climb mtn and as soon as I got close to truck, it fell into a gully. Went back down mtn and had to tunnel through mountain passes to get to it and make a road out of the mtns. Truck back at base now, but for how long. See pics.
  14. I am playing the PC version and both my vehicles: rover and truck almost "disappeared". Was away from base in truck and came back to find rover missing. Searched around base and visited caves. No rover found. ... well at least I still have my truck. A little while later after exploring on other side of the mountains, I return to base , craft some stuff and turn back around to where the truck was and it has disappeared. Or so I thought. I again when searching for the truck and then I saw the 3 dot vehicle icon on the other side of the mountain that I had recently explored. I do
  15. Auto handbrake should engage when none of the WASD keys are being pressed.
  16. By absolute i mean W is always fwd for character, vehicle, etc. by relative i mean as is in game currently.
  17. Amendment. By absolute i mean that W is ALWAYS forward for character, vehicle, etc. ...
  18. By absolute i mean W is also fwd for character, vehicle, etc. by relative i mean as is in game currently.
  19. On my laptop mouse sensitivity is way too high. This is annoying when trying to look around. Also need to stop the view pan from continuing once mouse movement has stopped.
  20. Auto handbrake should engage when none of the WASD keys are being pressed.
  21. I have also seen this. It has only happened around base.