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  1. I play it on Steam. I use mouse and keyboard. I have make a shuttle but I wanted to move it so that I can use my vehicle printer but it fall on this side and so on his roof. But when I pressed tab I jump in it and got stuck when I got out. So you can't flip the shuttle back to his normal position please fix this, thank you. (Before I try to launch me upside-down in the space). Here are the pictures.
  2. I play it on Steam. I use mouse and keyboard. I have collected so much Unknown now but there is now so much move and untakeboll stuff on the grond, see pictures. I hope you will make a despawn system like after X time and when it isn't loaded or when reload the save then it despawned or so. Here are the pictures.
  3. I play it on Steam. I use mouse and keyboard. Look maybe first to the pictures. When I pass next to a big station part with my truck the solar panels fall of the big station part, so you can connect your vehicle to the station. I dislike this very much. Every time when I pass this happend. So please fix it. Thank you. Here are the pictures.
  4. I play it on Steam. I use mouse and keyboard. I did load/come back to play on a save but one of my two trade platforms doesn't have anymore a shuttle on it. I did reload the save but it still don't have a shuttle. Then I did restart the game and load the save and still no shuttle on it. I hope you will fix this so that I don't need to restart my save. Here are some pictures.
  5. Dauw_Jonas

    Truck in a other Truck (part).

    Here one more picture. This time the Unknown isn't in each other, so no bugging. .
  6. I will find it nice if there is a menu or so of your bases and vehicles. For what can you use it: - You can see what items you store in you base/vehicle. - You can see what is happening with your power: How much percent % of your batteries is filled, or a graphics of you power and more ... - Maybe with a map in it. - And maybe you can program thing like if the batteries are 100% full then your fuel condenser will produce. So, I hope you will add something like this, thanks.
  7. Dauw_Jonas

    Changing vehicle controls

    I agree with it, change vehicle controls to how the most games it does.
  8. I play it on Steam. I use mouse and keyboard. I was driving in my truck (3 truck connected in total) and when I stop (break) the store of the second truck goes in the first truck his store, even with the third in the second (too with the stores). So far no problem. But if I then put some Unknown on it so that the Unknown is in the other Unknown, then the truck start shaking, move back and forth and so. So maybe fix that stuf on vehicles not going into each the other (of an other vehicle). Pictures of my truck can you find.