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    Wacked physics

    i have the same with that giant solar panel, also the Habitat floats away when i just leave it on the ground and bump into it
  2. Sean_NL

    Flat land

    Got the same problem, flattening works well on Terran, but not on the other planets
  3. Sean_NL

    Lagging with my Laptop

    Maybe your laptop is just to old, or has shitty hardware to even play this game properly
  4. Sean_NL

    Smelter not receiving power

    Its a bug. I have it sometime with the Printer, and sometimes with the Vehicle Bay.
  5. Sean_NL

    Bugs I found (And some suggestions)

    This happens to me with the Printer, i always need to place solar panels directly on the Printer hub for it to be powered. Flattening terrain on the Terran planet works fine for me, its doesn't work the same on all the other planets for me ( or its supposed to be different on those planets, i dont know )
  6. Hi, I had some weird terrain going on when i loaded my game. All the building are covered with terrain that i removed previously. But after clicking one time with the digging tool it disappeared, and went back to the state i left it in as supposed. This was on the Barren planet, but it also happend on the Terran planet Astro-Win64-Shipping 2016-12-25 00-10-08-35.bmp Astro-Win64-Shipping 2016-12-25 00-10-46-61.bmp And i found some weird objects spawned at my base. I noticed them when i came back after some exploring. Astro-Win64-Shipping 2016-12-25 00-21-23-85.bmp Astro-Win64-Shipping 2016-12-25 00-23-19-84.bmp Im playing on Steam (WIN 10 64bit)