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  1. As you can see in this old screen shot the world was ok the previous patch.
  2. So upon logging into Astroneer I immediately found my world broken, missing chunks and disconnected seems : / I have included pics. Windows 10, Titan XP GPU, Patch 125. You cannot form or deform the ground to get it to reconnect even if its a split seem, though you can get it kind of close. But again massive amounts of the world are just missing now.
  3. - I tested this out on a few bases and found power will not flow to any large platform if it is connected to another large platform. - The Research platform are the only exception I have found. - Small to small platforms work fine. windows 10 Steam
  4. Greetings, It would be nice to have the ability to combine stacks of tethers, power or anything that is not used all at once. This will help avoid wasted inventory space. (see attached picture) I don't see any reason for it not to be automatic, maybe have a split stack feature for tethers (to share with friends)
  5. A lift or crane might be really nice, I am currently 4 mines down and it takes forever to get stuff back up. It would be nice to tunnel straight down and lift stuff out with a crane.
  6. Currently your battery cannot be filled up on the road ( as far as I can tell) [possible solution] Add an attachment point on the top of the battery to allow power clusters to attach and increase batterys power level. [possible solution] Another solution would be to let vehicles transfer power attachted to them into the battery if the vehicle is already full.
  7. Yep they are amazing, I had seen the option for them but I figured it was for climbing or connecting things. an attachable light might still be nice but the tethers are more than enough
  8. Same issue, Happened after loading save. Selecting the item and placing it back on the backpack corrects the issue. -Windows 10 -Steam -Titan XP
  9. Ah I see, well that will be helpful. can you mount a tether on you? or just place them? Actually I will hop on meow and see for myself, thanks Wyvyrias :3
  10. Place-able flood lights would be nice too, like torches in minecraft : )
  11. The light your character comes with by default is nice and has a nice feel for the exploration bit, however it would be nice if we could unlock a backpack attachment that would give us light in a small 360 degree radius in addition to our head light. The problem with the basic light tends to be caves in small tunnels, you have to have your character move to change where the light shines making it hard to see where you are going in a bunch of intersecting tunnels, the light upgrade would be of great use here and as a trade off you will lose an attachment slot to use the 360 degree light.
  12. The ESC key is set to pull up the menu (which is fine) but the function of an ESC key is normally to get out of whatever you are currently in. It would be nice if the ESC key would close your inventory or whatever screen you have open and only open the menu once all other in game windows are closed.
  13. I like the tutorial you have at the start, its good to keep tutorials short but I would walk a player though building their first station. I expanded 4 platforms out before I figured out that I was suppose to pull resin off my back and turn them into stations XD. Not a huge deal but it would help.
  14. Currently save files are shown as blue outlines of drop ships, they have the time and date they were last played. It is a simple and rather neat idea (I like it) but there are a few short comings. - If more than one person is playing on the same computer it gets very confusing which files belong to who. [possible solution] Allow players to chose a customizable emblem when starting a game, the icon can be displayed on the door of the save files drop ship, making different saves immediately identifiable. Also list total play time under stenciled in on bottom edge of the drop ship. - I do not see a way to delete saved games. [solution] Add option to delete games and copy saves