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  1. If I may suggest the most common controls first then the finer ones later. and another suggestion is the age of the audience. we tend to run from teens to older ( like old computer iliterates such as my self) Don't rush it take your time . You are doing this for the community and it would be a great service to them:D

    1. pertz7


      Ok.  I was just gonna do a quick xboxdvr clip for the juggling, but I can hook up a capture card and try and get something that is more comprehensive for tips and tricks.

    2. Northstarranger


      what ever works for you . you are great to do this:D

  2. I am just your average game player but I love to think outside the box . In fact some have claimed that my ideals were not even based on the normal relams of sanity. But that is just their thoughts.   AT the second STEAM and I are having a few problems but I still follow most of the stream for astroneer.  If I can be of any help please let me know.

  3. counting the days till start up of E.A.