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  1. a thought make a specific Storage item to hold the terrains tools extra equipment 1) the storage item would only hold the terrains tools items such as the augment , boost, narrow, wide etc... A) the storage unit would need to be made out of an element similar to titanium or lithium because of the special nature of the transfer of the augments capability though the tethers to the terrain tool . An augment tool in the rack back at the main base would be able to be selected and a ghost image would be projected on the terrain tool allowing the terrain tool to now use the
  2. a Couple ideals sparked by the game pad vlog 1) on the game pads there are a few things that are really hard to do that the pc can do as a simple key stroke ---- my suggestion is this put a small pop up menu on the game ( during the game screen ) that with that controller users can scroll down and highlight to temp add that function to the astroneer. ( as mentioned on the vlog a VERB) this would be like a hold command and would no longer function once the say trigger button is released . I belive that it would function much like a multi button push requirement but would be inbeded in
  3. A nice thought and a valid point but that might be in their que for a later type of thing . maby after the game gets a little further in the proformance balanceing . At the second the game is still in the pre alpha faze and the balancing usally is in the alpha faze.
  4. What you are showing is a known bug that they are looking into , as to when and how fast the problem is solved is one of those things that we as the community have to give them time to work on . In the good side of the problem they just got 2 new people in so they might be able to spread out the work load better to allow the fix to get out faster.
  5. this sounds like a good ideal for a little later in the game build
  6. Welcome to the community and hope you enjoy your work.
  7. Any life cut short is a tragicty especially when it is a friend. If I may make a suggestion , can we make a small world or moon in the game to honer his memory. One with a small statue in his honer on it listing the fact of his contribution to the game . We will miss him and morn in our own ways , while wishing his family our best wishes. From both my wife and my self.
  8. I am on computer and do not own a controller but here is a suggestion is there a way to go to a side screen with the most common things to stay activated till they are toggled off ie.. sprint , carry slow camera spin .
  9. would love an on screen fps counter to allow us to see the fps drop
  10. my basic statement is not ment to say that servers are not needed but that on average most games ( and I belive even minecraft ) did not start out in the fist few months with a bank of servers to do everthing we want the game to do. . the fact of the mater is the basic thought of the pre - alpha aspect of the game its like putting togather a house . 1) decide if you want a house --- Ie pitch a thought out to friends that the ideal could be a game 2)look for a place to put the house--- ie put the basic ideal out to the friends an get their thoughts on it and decide what the game w
  11. at least they are not having you restart back at the game launch point to restart another world each time we die, now that would be a real bummer
  12. yup graffite for everyone ! Lets make our walls as colorful as the painted trains seen in many large cities! While this might be the great ideal the phrase K.I.S.S keeps coming to mind. We can find a lot of inventive ways to find our ways around if we just think about it> and many have .
  13. I'm just a player just like everyone else but have you priced a dedicated server recently? I have not taken the time to do this but I am sure that they would take a lot more than what the dev team could put to the budget. Not to mention I think that they would need some one to maint it and a place to store it. This is still a very small team and are working through the start of the process of getting their offices ,personel and regulation requirements in order. Lets give them a few months to get the things they need sorted before we expect them to get a server base up and running . While se
  14. If you start a new sandbox to test out the next set of pre patch systems may I suggest that you try it on a new style of planet. It may be a way to bring up a new set of biomes or a different set of conditions for the biomes reset during the planets generation. The new world would see if the seams stay set during up loads or during introductions of mineral generation. A new world could have the added ability to deepen the caves or change the "noise level" of the landscape to allow a smother surface for vehicals. ( It would give adam a new thing to model on also)