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  1. If I may suggest the most common controls first then the finer ones later. and another suggestion is the age of the audience. we tend to run from teens to older ( like old computer iliterates such as my self) Don't rush it take your time . You are doing this for the community and it would be a great service to them:D

    1. pertz7


      Ok.  I was just gonna do a quick xboxdvr clip for the juggling, but I can hook up a capture card and try and get something that is more comprehensive for tips and tricks.

    2. Northstarranger


      what ever works for you . you are great to do this:D

  2. I am just your average game player but I love to think outside the box . In fact some have claimed that my ideals were not even based on the normal relams of sanity. But that is just their thoughts.   AT the second STEAM and I are having a few problems but I still follow most of the stream for astroneer.  If I can be of any help please let me know.

  3. Hi so I just started playing and over all the game is very enjoyable, my only isuse so far is with the camera control when you have the terain tool out. It is very awkward to control where you want the circle to go. You should make the camera move with the right stick when not aimed in, and only be able to move it to a far distance when aimed in. I think it will make it feel more natural. Other the that it is a fun experience!!

    1. Northstarranger


      Kfisher like your self I am just a gamer, but when my game was avalible ( mine went down after the first day ) I was having problems with the camera controls . But at the second I can not get into my game ( steam related problem) so I have not seen what the patches have done on this subject. I think with time it might get better but right now I think the devs are trying to hunt down the biggest bugs and this may be on the next patch. If you don't see it changed after a while , try putting on again under game suggestions with an alert ideal tag .  I hope this helps.

  4. counting the days till start up of E.A.