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    Smelted items vanish when Smelter full

    Yeah, I can confirm the "partial ingot" bug... It permanently "breaks" that spot... I wish we had the ability to move "partial" stacks. If you accidentally touch an organic with a drilling truck, it starts the creation of an "organic nugget", that, like that partial metal ingot, cannot be moved... So you sort of "permanently lose" that spot. I actually got the "partial ingot" when I panicked... I started to smelt 4 ores, and had only 2 avaliable slots... Some had ingots, and one had a solar panel... So WHILE the last ore nugget was getting consumed, I picked up the solar panel... The smelter threw the "done" ingot in its slot, and proceeded to smelt "half" ore nugget into half ingot, plopping it automatically on a slot... And stuck it there forever.
  2. I've been playing a lot on MP with some friends, and will try to point out the bugs we've come accross: 1- Trade Station: It seems only the host can " safely" use the trade station. For som reason, if a "conectee"(client?) tries to use it, two thing happen: a - The desired product is selected wrongly. Eg: If a client selects "malachite", the host will see "organic" or something else selected. b- If a client sends the ship up, it will NOT see the ship coming back. The host however, will. It appears that if the client walks away enough for the trade station to "unload" and comes back, the ship will be there. However, the client does not sees the "nuggets" the ship brought back. 2-Research It appears that the research messages are completely bonkers on MP. If anyone that's not the host clicks the " research" button, he will get a message, as will the host. However, the messages differ. It can say to the host that he researched "filters", and "storage" for the client. The "true" unlocked research seems to be what the host sees, though. So if you're a client, and research something... Good luck finding out what it was! 3-Terrain deformation/resources Two main things I've noticed when playing MP... I gonna call the client side "Johnny" and the host "Fred", just to make things simpler to type. (I suck in english). A -Both Johnny and Fred are away from the base. Johnny is far away from Fred, and Fred starts collecting a Compound Deposit, for example... They both meet back at base. If Johnny goes to where Fred mined the compound, two things can happen: I - The ground will be intact, with the compound showing up. But if Johnny tries to mine anything, he will see the ground deform, and compound break, and swoossh into his gun... But no compound will be collected. Like... "Ghost compound". II - The ground will be a big hole, like Fred had dug to get the compound... But the compound blobs will still be there, "floating". If Johnny buildis up, and re-mines... Like in "I", it's ghost compound. The terrain problem in I can lead to some freaky problems... B- Fred goes into a cave, and builds a " bridge" accross a gap. Maybe even tunnels to a llower cave. Johnny joins later, but the cave is still "intact". No bridge, nor tunnels. And Johnny actually sees Fred walking on air and/or through solid matter. If Johnny tries to do the same... Well... Weird stuff happens. Random deaths, falling forever in place, etc. I'd like to note that the bugs described in "3" are not easy to reproduce intentionally... But happens a lot when playing MP.
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    Trade Platform Ship going missing

    I had some similar experiences on MP. Trade ship goes off for the client, but only the host sees it come back.
  4. Allright, this is my first bug report, lets hope I dont screw it up. Mouse/Keyboard player - Steam, on Multiplayer: This happens when I'm a client on MP: Everytime I'm collecting resources with a full backpack, when the terrain gun "plops" the resource on the ground, I can pick it up (click). For example: I have a backpack full of oxygen and energy. Find a compound deposit. Mine it. The terrain gun "plops" the compound nuggets on the ground. I "Q" to open my backpack, and throw some oxygen and energy nuggets away. But when I click on the compound nugget, i can hold it in my "hands". I CAN pick up the oxy and energy back, just not the things the gun "plopped out". However, if a friend (host for example) is around, he can interact with all nuggets. AFTER he just "picked up" and placed the thing back, I can pick it up normally. Take note that the mouse cursor DOES change to the " blue circle" thing, like I could pick stuff up, but clicking makes nothing. I hope someone else can reproduce this, and even more: devs fix it. And I'm not sure if attaching any images would be helpful. Start a new thread in the Bugs sub-forum. Make sure the title is straight to the point. E.g., "Organic resource won't connect to the Generator" Give us as much information about the bug as possible: Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Steam? Xbox? What were you doing leading up to this bug? Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post.