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  1. Let me start off with the fact that i am not that good in giving a very accurate explanation to something that has happened. Ill try and explain how we have been trying to resolve this issues and how we have been experiencing them so far. First things first: Our setup. Me and my friend are running the game on windows 10. I bought the game for both me and my friend since he wanted to try it out. My friends internet connection is in a degree, very bad. Because of this, we are forced to make a pier to pier (dont know the proper wording of it) with the host being me. The first time when i created the world, other than the fact that we had some trouble connecting properly, went very smoothly. Both me and my friend have very good pc setups with me having double 980 graphics cards and 32 gbs of ram (yes, i know its overkill) and my friend having about the same setup but a bit cheaper. The bugs we have experienced: Like i mentioned before, we have been experiencing some bugs and design features that dont really work very well. For one, my friend who is dutch, thinks that the grammar in the game is slightly wrong and is at some times, very confused. He also had some problems with how multiplayer worked in the game, due to the fact that there is not direct turtorial/guide for it or even a option to go co-op other than joining someones world. I, myself had some problems on my own. From what i could tell, the game seemed very poorly optimised taht led into a memory leak. I can specify where though since i dont have the knowledge needed to locate the error/leak, but what i can confirm is that the game is progressively using more memory which leads into lag, lots of it. The other thing that me and my friend found is that, whenever me or my friend joined or loaded a pre-existing world, sometimes, the items on the backpack get out of scale at random and our of position. This bug gets even worse when the player who is not saved on the hosts side (in which, is another story on its own), looses his items and then finds them at the location where he was last seen. The items are positioned just like the backpack(meaning the positioning for a non-existing backpack data is kept) and sometimes, the bug i discribed before is also showing its apperance in this phenomenom (I have only seen that the objects that were on the main slots of the backpack got their size reduced. This does not count for the extentions). And then the last one, which is what we are having the most difficult time of all. Multiplayer connectivity and saving. Lets start with saving: Since i was the host and that i know the fact that the game saves everytime you tab into a "tab" object (habitat and vechicle), i said to my friend to tab into the truck that we had on a mining operation. What i found is that, the second i closed my game, his game crashed. At the time, i thought that it was nothing of the sort and that it would normaly work the next day. It wasnt the case as you would expect. Like i explained about the item out of scale and out of position bug, his player positon data was completly gone but not his inventory data. That and with the item scaling bug. I managed to collect what the invisible inventory had and somehow collected the small items that he had. After said bug got resolved by one way or another, we ran into some internet issues on his end. Which resulted in the next bug that we found. This bug happened when he tried to connect to the game i was in/world. He would be able to access his inventory/backpack in the shuttle to the home planet and he would at random, not be able to see terrain, glitch through the floor and at most of the times, crash due to either connection issues or memory leak. He tried loading his client side world and said that it had no problems which lead me to believe that it is mostly a internet side bug. I hope this helps as to discribing the bugs that me and my friend found. I am not the best english write but i do have faith that this message will reach to the developer sometime and try to recreate said bugs that me and my friend found. If any of you who has the game and experienced said bugs multiple times, please, comment below. It would help both me, my friend and the developers. With my best regards - Spyro.