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  1. Every time I spawn from death in Astroneer, the camera angle slight zooms downward and my character is slightly stuck in dirt. However, sometimes the game shoves my character underground to float until I'm brought back up away from spawn. I've included a picture for reference. I haven't had any issues spawning in from the games menu screen, but just from death I've had this problem. Also, when I land on planets from space, the camera angle zooms upward while in the direction of the dirt, making half the screen be occupied by the dirt graphic while the other is glitched into some utility building.
  2. 1. Add plantations, where you can grow specific resources, maybe not only organic items but ores and other naturally found items. 2. Have the option to name beacons, set a color for them, and choose from a set of options a picture for the beacon to show instead of a singular dot. This picture could be a mine, or a plant that gives power/oxygen. Then you could put these mines down and know immediately what they mean. 3. Seasons, weather, and biome additions to what we already have, etc. etc. 4. Instead of having a random chance to find a new technology from a researched object, make it so you can only find one technology from each researched object species. This makes the player have to search every terrain for every single type of research object they need. Maybe you could also add a textbook that reminds the player what they've already found, and show shaded grey silhouettes of what they still need. After time you could also create hints that explain where to find this items- "Under a tree" "Up in the clouds" "In the middle of a mountain", except instead of making it so blunt, have riddles instead- "Near what breathes life and exhales death, what turns blue when starved and red when content" Then you could create a tree that puffs out harmful gass, turns blue in winter, and red in summer, with the object to research somewhere inside of it. See, I would also write "Names to save files" and "More options in the menu" to the list, but that's so painfully obvious to add to the final version that I didn't want to waste your time reminding you to add those. ... But I just did.
  3. I was playing Astroneer in my Xbox 1 when I started seeing bugs I didn't care enough to report them. But, when a certain bug (#2) on this list destroyed all my work I lost all motivation and thus made this list. Various Bugs in Astroneer Xbox 1 1. Every time I turn off my Xbox, turn in astroneer, and log into my Astroneer world, the items on my backpack aren't directly attacked to the back but instead float near where they should attack. This bug doesn't affect the gameplay or anything and can be reset by taking off the items and returning them to you inventory. I included two screenshots to show what it looks like, 2. Switching planets removes any "unchained" objects on the planet. What I mean by "unchained objects" are objects that aren't connected to anything. For example, I had about 5 storage units full of items when I left for another planet, but when I came back the storage units were gone. I also had a truck on my home planet but that was gone as well. Not to mention various items on my second planet were gone when I returned to it. 3. Wind generators don't work on my world. I don't know why, I can't name a source, but even when storms appear or small blocks with low opacity are casually being thrown in the wind (meaning when its windy), my wind generators don't show any animations nor generate power. 4. I can't attach seats or "capsules" (I don't remember their name but you need them to create a base" to storage units. At first I thought this was normal, but then I read many tutorials online that example this feature. ?. This isn't really a bug, but carrying items in Xbox one Astroneer is just super buggy and glitchy and annoying. The camera angles are wierd, the moment is clunky and slow, and it's hard to run while carrying an item.