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  1. Xbox one x and the game will often drop to near 5 FPS and when I say often I mean constant choppy. There's not a time where you get smooth. It's so bad that I don't understand how the devs could put this version out like this.
  2. DanJ210

    Looking For Players Megathread

    Platform(s): Xbox OneLocation: Florida, USLanguage(s): EnglishMicrophone: YesLooking for: 1-max peopleCan play from: 6 - 9 PM weeknights & Weekend DaytimeCan host: I've got a good connection, yes.Comment: Had this game since early release. Never once tried multiplayer, would like to.
  3. DanJ210

    Games Are Not Saving

    I keep giving this game chances and I understand it is alpha but game saving has to be fixed or getting far enough in progression to test things is not very possible when progress doesn't save and I'll have to start over and over. I don't know if this is done deliberately or if this is a bug considering I am being told that the game is saving and there must be some kind of "writing" going on in the background.
  4. About every 15-20 minutes the game will simply freeze in the middle of whatever you're doing and crash to Xbox One home. I'll lose a significant amount of progress even if I've been saving constantly in a habitat, rover or lander. It seems like the last 3 or 4 saves do not get saved and I lose a lot of progress. Makes me not want to play when this has happened 5 or 6 times now.
  5. I would really like to try multiplayer also and I cannot figure out where to go to get into a game. If they have to be on friends list then that's kind of lame because I don't have many friends who are actually cool and I don't see how two people could play at the same time on the same Xbox One or PC so I'm assuming this is friend invite only which is kind of a bummer. I do wish I knew that before hand. My gamertag is The420Dank
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    Would anyone like to show me how to work multiplayer? I've been wanting to do multiplayer for the longest time but nowhere can I find anything about joining a game or searching for a game or even hosting one that people can join.
  7. After this most recent patch. I've given up playing for right now. Crashes when getting into cockpits no matter what kind. Habitat, rover, spaceship... Randomly too. I'll be driving getting in and out collecting materials and then it will crash on any of those times getting in. It has happened so often within 15 minutes of playing that it's unplayable to me. Of course I love the game and will continue to support.