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  1. I've been having some trouble lately moving my Astroneer around. There seems to remain an invisible piece of terrain upon flatting an area or by excavating, resulting in you character getting stuck in place when walking in that spot. I've made a video of this problem to illustrate this.
  2. So i'll start with the usual stuff. The story: I've just been driving around looking for some caves, and downed satellites to gather some resources. I drove quite a bit out and did a bit of resource gathering. And here's the problem, where the heck was my base? i couldn't see the markers anymore. The idea(s): a (toggleable) marker on the screen pointing towards you home-base(s). (and beacons) a map that can be opened with the press of a button an actual map (of the entire world you're on) a 'satellite' overview of the world you are on(i know this w