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  1. I've heard they saying Steam is a different beast. You could do it with you had purchased it from windows store (who uses that anyway?). Pretty sure steam have a refund program you can use to get your money back thou.
  2. I like this idea, I wonder if it wouldn't interfere with their codes too much. On the twitch they said that they want the buildings to be solid, so they shouldn't be moved only destroyed. Honestly, as some people mentioned, I'd take just a delete button right now and deal with the loss of resources. And this is not only for buildings, but for items and vehicles as well. Maybe we could have an recycling station?
  3. Just had my first multiplayer session with my bud. Really fun to play with someone else! However there are so many bugs I can't even describe. I took some screenshots to explain it better. specs: windows 10 pro, 16gb ram, GTX770, i74770k First and foremost: me and my pal were able to get oxygen from a single tether on the wall. Quite strange. I wonder if it tries to send the oxygen from my tank to his and vice-versa, but it doesn't compute very well and the result is an infinite oxygen supply while the 2 are connected. Some items didn't seem to render for me.
  4. I just watched their twitch and they said is fairly easy to generate planets so I'm guessing we'll getting more varieties. Also they are a combination of procedural and hand-maid biomes. Sweet!
  5. Just wondering how many worlds, systems are expected upon release. Will they be procedurally generated? Does anyone know?
  6. I don't think a delete option is available atm. You'll just have to stick with it for now.
  7. The game needs a way to destroy or delete misplaced objects. Maybe you could scrap them and get a portion of the resources back?
  8. Have you tried restarting the game? It helps a lot my save. As for the vehicles, I'm pretty sure they will adjust then in future updates. Feels like driving a soap on a wet floor atm.
  9. Just an idea for we bug reporters: can someone compile a list of known bugs so when we check before posting our particular issue? I've seen loads of people posting about falling through the terrain, half empty stacks stuck in inventory, flying trucks, etc. Many games in alpha does that and I think it really helps to prevent less repeated posts. Example: bug: item is stuck on backpack, storage cause: after drilling, half finished stacks will get stuck wherever they get in reproductible: yes workaround: none
  10. Since I'm a cheap astronaut, I just leave my resources laying all over my base. I'm more into exploring than caring for the base, so its just a messy hoarder base. Everytime I load my game the resources are floating, slowly moving up while I sit on the habitat. 100% reproducible. specs: windows 10 pro 64-bit, geforce 770, i7 4770k, 16gb RAM planet: Tundra
  11. At the current state of the game, even without a jet you can do it. Haven't tried yet but I would say it should be stronger but not significantly. UPDATE: I've tried to attach it to the hover, doesn't work. It only works on two slot connectors. It will push in the direction of the turbine and you can't control it.
  12. So, after 40h+ exploring every cave in the game, I came across a thruster stuck in a wall. I brought it back to base, where I've tried to plug in a seat, habitat... to no avail. That's when it occurred to me to try on the vehicles. It worked like a charm. You need to feed it with fuel first them hop in the vehicle. It's a bit faster to move but not huge, at least on the truck. Haven't tried on the hover yet.