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  1. Yo dude, different thread, you know this, I've seen you post in it.
  2. Guessing surgery was involved, or you should be posting on YT not here, WAY more money HAHAHAHA! OK I kid, I'm now interested in looking for more, thanks.
  3. Well put, and id like to point out the plants, alien life, rogue travelers (ai or random joiner) could all be part of exploration as well as survival, meeting a couple aspects which you covered. This could potentially offer some sort of PvP ...sry for the double...
  4. Watched my daughters both, play the shit outta that game, and loved every minute of it!
  5. Hmmm keeps you looking for more, adding direction when you dont even know it. Comb out the fine hairs, they are out there!
  6. This is the original thread with instructions in it.
  7. Its a telescope satellite with a mini game to complete, the satellite will open up to give you the reward.
  8. I believe the ceiling has been lowered, the ramp would likely not allow you to jump high enough to orbit.
  9. Thanks for the good laugh
  10. I started building to the flags in the sky from one of the Barren poles. I was going to start this about 2 weeks ago, but found myself very busy and unable to log in. I worked this AM on my ramp up and out towards them. I found a very low ceiling this time around. Once I make it back home in the morning I'll post how short the ramp actually made it in the air.
  11. Yes thanks, this will help conserve storage slots and building resources as well as produce better results.
  12. And it stays at Advanced Member up to 785+ posts, I see that's where Martin is at now.
  13. I have seen so many of these ...What is this threads, most of them referring to the zebra ball. When I read this thread tonight, I got this wild idea, I used to play this board game called mousetrap when I was a kid. I am now considering some sort of playing field to drop the zebra ball into and watch the magic happen as it rolls down the first ramp and takes off for a wild maze ride.
  14. Would this be the exploit you were referring too by using the habitat as a cockpit?