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  1. The FPS still drops every time my Air-laser gets connected to a new object each truck in a linked-truck chain, each base (single base building), etc. when it disconnects 1 part and connects to the other it drops the fps for like a few milliseconds, which is especially annoying when you're out with like 5trucks chained together and every time you walk past them you have to experience 5 quick fps drops .. Apart from that, its just the usual bugs, weirdly-unconnected terrain (like the floors have gaps) and of course random materials appearing around you every time you load the game again that's less of a concern, "Oh suddendly theres resin there!" But ye the FPS overall is waay better, except for those micro-drops (Intel i7 6700k, AMD 390x)
  2. .. first tethers hugely killed the fps, then you fixed that in the 96 beta, now you pushed release 100 into beta and main version and now I just constantly get 30fps? (in 96 I got 75fps locked throughout the entire game and in 90 while disconnected from tethers) now it never even goes above 31.. Anyone else having this problem now? CPU: 6700k (OC) GPU: 390X (OC)
  3. Crashes when coop partner harvests hydrazine crystals: (Different crashlogs, with probably the same cause) CrashContext.runtime-xml UE4Minidump.dmp
  4. Crashed randomly when in COOP (I am host) See attached log files and crashdump. Build.version: Shipping GPU: 390x CPU: i7 6700k CrashContext.runtime-xml UE4Minidump.dmp
  5. DeadSix

    Frame rate effected by tethers

    Well its clear, the CPUs are not the issue in our cases, we so far all run good enough cpus, in fact even cpus older than the 4770k are good enough...
  6. DeadSix

    Frame rate effected by tethers

    What is your GPU, I do in fact run an AMD gpu, but the 390x overclocked.. that GPU surely is capable of running this game and many others at max.
  7. DeadSix

    Frame rate effected by tethers

    Overclocked Intel i7 6700k, so nope not purely an AMD CPU issue, in fact, the CPU is not even close to 20% load for me.
  8. Got a very similliar issue, but on my AMD Card: It is definitely tether related.
  9. For some rerason I can not edit my post but: It's linked to the tethers, of all things.. what is up with those lol, as soon as I link to them, my GPU downclocks to 600-800MHz, if I delink of the tethers, it goes up to 1080+MHz and I get my 75+fps back. When I am linked to them, I only get 30fps.. Weiiird. Like is the entire tether processing done on the GPU? Connected to tether: Disconnected from tether:
  10. Not sure if the devs are aware of this but for some reason the game does not keep my GPU (AMD 390x) clocked at the highest speed, it downclocks to ~600MHz and lower, as if it were on idle.. If i set my GPU states to be 1080 on every level it only rarely goes down to ~600Mhz, but as long it stays on 1080+MHz I get solid 75FPS @ 1440p. As I'm not really a 3D programmer (but a programmer) I figure this is a simple fix in the graphics engine. Could be that AMD actually has to fix this, but idk. (Just speculation on the base that it runs just fine with highest clockspeed yet downclocks all the time by itself) System: i7 6700k OC - AMD 390x OC - 16GB RAM - Windows 10 64bit