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  1. Understanding that this game is unique and that the core concept is to survive against the environment. I have been thinking about how one could increase the threat level of survivability without adding 'combat' per se. In that let me explain. Concept: You land on a planet, once you have landed a 'Area of effect' meter is established. This meter expands when you expand your base (or area of effect/footprint on the planet). Once your bases AOE hits a certain threshold the local life starts to become more aggressive. This could range from the spawn rate/location of spawn increasing over time and closer to your base to new types of lifeforms spawning over time that do different things. Perhaps a deadly fungus/mold that spreads across the surface, making areas impassible or something. (many non-combat ideas exist) The 'AOE' meter or 'footprint on the planet' would continue to expand as your base did, and the threat would continue to increase accordingly and in turn your response to the threat needs to increase. Input: Looking for a good constructive conversation on this idea. And will edit/credit accordingly.
  2. Secret Squirrel

    How many worlds there will be?

    Yeah the engineering behind it is nifty. Like you said, a mixture of proc-gen and hand craft. Currently it's only the single solar system but I'm sure they will expand. It just all depends on a number of things I assume.
  3. Hope everyone did and is having a good holiday. Been busy with inlaws, catching up on the threads now!

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    is it gonna be infinit

    While I quoted that it is a single solar system, and that yes they need to focus on quality vs quantity. I never said that they should not expand on what is currently available. In fact I think the opposite, but it has to be crafted well. Similar to a system like Starbound perhaps; in that the planets and solar systems are tiered based on the level of technology that you have to survive on said planet/biome. With a form of a linear 'quest' system that also is seamless with an open world concept. I do not think it should be 'infinite' but maybe a small galaxy worth of 'solar systems' with various planets/moons/asteroid belts etc all scaled in difficulty. But it gets even trickier when you don't want to include a combat mechanic and go off a 'environmental' survival concept. Something that I feel they want to stay relatively true to. Either way I am confident in what they decide to do and the decisions they make.
  5. Just bought a 6th copy, this one for my little brother. Spreading the word of Astroneer! haha. 

    1. Vinnie


      haha awesome. I am thinking about buying two other copies for my friends as well so I know how you feel. :D

    2. Secret Squirrel

      Secret Squirrel

      If you can be generous and feel compelled why not right? It is a great Early Access title and one that is deserving of support and exposure. I think it's awesome and want to share it :)

    3. Vinnie


      I agree with you 100%, it's already a great game, and hopefully we can help shape it into an even better one!

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    Please Never Add Hunger

    Haha. I'm sure when they implement more survival mechanics they will no doubt have different 'modes'. And more than likely a full open world creative mode.
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    How can we support the devs more?

    I for sure would and will buy System Era / Astroneer swag.! When they get some haha.
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    Challenge yourself!

    Hey all! A friend and I have been playtesting this bad boy since release. And loving every second of it we have done all that is currently available (tech tree, planet exploration etc). So in that we have been looking for ways to increase the difficulty, and we came up with the following: Challenge: No renewable Energies on Base, Rovers, Trucks. Only wind and generator on person. Only Solar on Shuttle/Spaceship. No trade platform at all Batteries are allowed (we are thinking about limiting the amount allowed though) With these small adjustments that we implement on ourselves. We have created a good challenge and doing the above forces us to be very mindful of our energy consumption. It makes you rush a shuttle so you can mine coal on the moon and bring it back to your base. Obviously myself and friends will keep playing regardless of what content is available in this iteration. Because new 'experimental' branch builds are always being released, they need testing. Thoughts? What would you do to challenge yourself? Cheers!
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    How can we support the devs more?

    Buy the game for your friends who are on the fence. I will be buying a 6th copy today for my little brother. Hopefully this supports a few Coffee habits for a week or so for them.
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    Challenge yourself!

    Well they did just tweak the condenser, so we don't mind using that strictly for shuttle fuel (because how much do you really need). But we feel only using the Generators (both types) is a good way to limit your capability, especially for base power. It forces you to stockpile Organic and Coal. Less you want to go dark,
  11. Secret Squirrel

    is it gonna be infinit

    I highly doubt it. Currently it is only the the single Solar System and yes the content is limited at this time. But if they focus on details/gameplay as oppose to size, how big the 'game world' is will not matter in my opinion. Have a look at the road map here and current checklists. Welcome to the forums!
  12. A friend and I came up with a neat way to challenge ourselves. We are strictly using non-renewable power on the base and vehicles. With wind and generators on our person.

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    Good idea and welcome! Take a look at this thread here for posting suggestions.
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    Finish The Maze Win A Copy Of The Game For A Friend!

    Be sure to post back once someone finishes it! If noboy does it before I get home I'll give it a shot and stream it.
  15. Secret Squirrel

    Finish The Maze Win A Copy Of The Game For A Friend!

    Not going to lie. This is pretty freaking awesome! I have been waiting to see some good use come out of the deform tool, not something like a skybridge but something that actually takes time and thought to craft. Good stuff and welcome to the forums!
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    Beacons and Map Markers appear in open space

    I have ran into this to. I will check tonight if it still happens with the new beta build. Your the only other person I have seen post about this issue. But I also could have missed previous posts.
  17. Secret Squirrel

    Mine Shaft/Elevator

    +1 I think some type of placeable rail system with a platform you travel on (similar to starbound) would be neat. This way we would could build it in any way and direction we want.
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    One of the beauties of investing in an early access title. Is that you get the game at a discounted cost and a full game once it is complete. Worth every penny! Welcome to the forums fellow Astroneer!
  19. Secret Squirrel

    Ability to pilot space shuttle/pod.

    If I want orbital mechanics and 'science' I'll play KSP. I don't disagree that piloting would or could be fun. But IRL Astronauts never do landing or ascent by hand, a computer does. So they would have to make it unrealistic for it to be fun for all. Or else the learning curve or difficulty would turn a lot of people off from the game.
  20. Secret Squirrel


    F1 also shows a small ingame Guide I believe. But it's a sandbox survival, like most sandbox you just kinda have to figure it out. I would suggest maybe watching a 'lets play' or two from the Devs in particular to get a sense of what is in the game and how to 'play'. Welcome to the forums fellow Astroneer!
  21. Welcome to the forums and thank you for posting. Good questions! The game has a good tech tree so far. You progress in this tech tree by researching, you research by building a research station and finding 'research' tokens throughout the world. These are like random techy type or natural looking balls or cubes that you find either buried, in crashed ships, under a big plants root structure etc. Press F1 in the game for small guide You save the game by entering your pod, shuttle, rover or truck. But currently no 'save manager' exists. All worlds are ProcGen already at start of a new game/seed You build a shuttle in the 'vehicle bay' to travel between planets or between areas on the same planet Hope this can help and gives you a little more footing! Don't hesitate to ask question. But most of all have fun Astroneer!
  22. Yeah this is a known bug it seems. I have experienced it, a friend of mine did also. You can replicate it. And as seen above it happens often. Bug: When using the trade ship. If you launch it and leave the game then reload the trade ship will not return.
  23. Secret Squirrel

    What does this orb do?

    It's just a fun little ball to play with. An easter egg of sorts.Have fun!
  24. Stability and optimization seems to be a top priority for them since launch. But at this time it is unstable as warned being an Early Access title. Regardless of specs, unless they don't meet 'minimum'. Sorry it's so stuttery for you. Bar usual suspects like checking your drivers, reinstall the game etc. Steam or Windows store?