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  1. Hope everyone did and is having a good holiday. Been busy with inlaws, catching up on the threads now!

  2. Just bought a 6th copy, this one for my little brother. Spreading the word of Astroneer! haha. 

    1. Vinnie


      haha awesome. I am thinking about buying two other copies for my friends as well so I know how you feel. :D

    2. Secret Squirrel

      Secret Squirrel

      If you can be generous and feel compelled why not right? It is a great Early Access title and one that is deserving of support and exposure. I think it's awesome and want to share it :)

    3. Vinnie


      I agree with you 100%, it's already a great game, and hopefully we can help shape it into an even better one!

  3. A friend and I came up with a neat way to challenge ourselves. We are strictly using non-renewable power on the base and vehicles. With wind and generators on our person.

  4. Please comment if you like! 


  5. Woot! Can't wait to get home and playtest the latest build! 

  6. Will get some bug reports in with Video and screenshots come morning 

  7. Been working on playtesting the game all weekend so far. Taking good video and notes on my trello! 

  8. This was my 1st touch down. I had a planet passing the horizon. Gorgeous game! 



  9. Have not even finished my 1st cup of Coffee.


  10. T-Minus 7.5hrs until Midnight the 16th! 

  11. Woot! Figured out how to enable status updates. T-Minus 3 days to Launch.