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  1. DemoK_Ivan

    unceasing freeze

  2. DemoK_Ivan

    unceasing freeze

    Hi, Sorry if i have a bad english, i try my best (i'm french). I formated my pc, and i reinstalled the game but now when i launch it i have unceasing freeze and with this its impossible to play.. If someone can help me i will be thankfull
  3. DemoK_Ivan

    My friend crash

    Hi, sorry if i have a bad english i'm french :). I have a friend (FlandersLeMéchant !) buyed this game for play with me in coop. When he start the game, he crash and its write "you need c++ 2015". he tried to uninstall and install c++ 2015, the game and this continue. He looked in forum to see what is the problem and he said its because he is on window 7. Please fix this bug for play with my friend :(.
  4. DemoK_Ivan

    Optimisation of the game

    Hi, frenchies here ^^, i'm here because the game lag for me, in the land i'm 40-60 fps and in my base 20-40 but my pc is gamer and i can play every game i wan't sorry if i have a bad english ^^"'.