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  1. Well its just a sketch. Its more the idea of big lumbering slowly moving creatures that can be used to find special recources I think can be really cool. I believe it could have a lot of cool implications for gameplay. For instance, the aliens themselves wouldn't be very hostile to players. But if they are attracted to recources and you hoard a lot of them at your base, they could come barging in and destroy your equipment! At the same time they also reshape the terrain as they walk along, perhaps exposing hidden secrets? Maybe someone would like to build a mobile base that just follow
  2. Hello fellow Astroneers! So I've been playing Astroneer non stop for the past week or so, and it got met totally hooked. I also watched the December 22nd livestream where the dev's discussed ideas and plans they have for the future of the game, among which alien life. That got me thinking. I remebered watching a documentary about alien life a long time ago, where cosmologists, physicists and biologists used known knowledge of life here on earth to speculate, and project how life might evolve on other planets. One scene that stuck with me in particular, was about the biggest poss