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    Starting a brand new base

    Oh really? Nice, I'll have to try it out. Of course, my main hope is for being able to make bases on the fly, since it is very easy to get lost.
  2. Brodacious

    Phasing through the ground

    Made a video showing how this bug works:
  3. I was recently traveling with rover and I got hopelessly lost, having goddamn clue where my base is and I got to thinking, "I've got all this oxygen and stuff around me, so why the heck can't I make a new base?" So here's the idea: you can create a new base very cheaply, however, it does not have life support. You need to create a printer and print an expensive life support module to add onto the new base. In the meantime, you can attach oxygen you collect to it to maintain its simple life support and this oxygen is used more efficiently than the oxygen you carry on your backpack. This is so that there's more of a reason to create tethers to the base, rather than running around suffocating.
  4. Hello! I found a bug and I think I know what's going on. I fell in a hole and started building up, but my character wasn't pushed up fast enough leading to him not only phasing through the ground I was laying down, but also ground that was next to me. I ended up sliding downward through the world until I thankfully started to float back up to the surface. Might want to adjust the rate you can rise, this issue seems to be pretty common.