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  1. Environment: Xbox One When you invert the Y axis through the settings, though it correctly inverts the camera when looking around etc - it does not invert the Y axis for the terrain tool. The result is that your brain gets used to an inverted Y axis while running around but then everything switches every tome you get the terrain tool out. This is extremely confusing to use. I hope that helps! Richard
  2. Environment: Xbox One Repro Steps: 1) Pause the game 2) Select options 3) Select the checkbox and press 'Apply'. 4) Save your game. 5) Exit to menu. 6) Reload your game. 7) The Y axis has been reverted to its default state. (Unchecked). Expected result: 7) The Y axis remains inverted across saves and reloads of the same game.
  3. Environment: Xbox One Hi there, I believe that this might be two issues. The first is that I flew off into space and then landed on another site on my home planet. When I returned to my base (again using the spaceship) my rover and truck were gone. I'm pretty sure that neither was docked in the vehicle bay when I left. The second issue is as follows: I rebuilt my truck and created a second vehicle bay for it so that my spaceship and truck each had one. I again went off to space in my ship (this time visiting my home planet's moon). When I returned back to my base, my ship landed on the vehicle bay where my truck was docked (not the perfectly empty vehicle bay beside it). The truck was crushed into the ground where it again disappeared.. I hope that helps! Richard