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  1. Fireforge

    Packager demonstration

    You're right that it's less space to transport the raw materials. If I was prepping to set up a new base on another planet and I don't want to make multiple trips, then I would do exactly what you say. But I think the point of the packager is not to be space efficient. I think it's to be time and resource efficient. Your argument assumes that in all cases you'll have a Vehicle Bay available at your destination to craft that rover there. With the packager, you have a rover immediately ready to use as soon as you arrive. Also, assuming the packager is crafted from abundant resources like compound or resin, it will be cheaper to transport a pre-made rover than to make a new one. I want to use the packager so that I don't have to farm that extra 2 aluminum and 2 rubber just to make another rover at my next base. I've got a perfectly good rover right here, I want the option to just bring it with me if I like. You make a good point about what happens if the rover has other components attached. I would assume either that they pop off and fall on the ground when you trigger the packager or the packager will not deploy unless you take everything else off. But I don't think that will make the packager pointless.
  2. Fireforge

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Doing my best to offer implementation descriptions here, not just issues I want solved. "How"s, not just "what"s and "why"s. Beacon icons on the compass OR beacons on my current planet extend high enough to always be visible on horizon, no matter how far away I am from them. [1] Generators only generate power and consume fuel pips when something in the power network is actually drawing power. The On/Off can still function as a Enable/Disable so if you have multiple generators in a power network, you can select which ones get consumed. [2] When hovering over a "ghost" gas resource on the Chemistry Lab after selecting a recipe, list the planets that gas resource can be extracted on. You already do this for the solid resources, so a player would expect it on the gas resources as well (I know I did). [3] If you stick with the current compass design, display the compass while in a rover just like how it works while walking. Change the color of shuttle landing sites from orbit depending on if it's "naturally" occurring or if it's a Vehicle Bay. This would make it very easy to find my Vehicle Bays from orbit. Add a holographic landing pad visual in front of the Vehicle Bay. This would better signal to the player that this equipment provides a shuttle landing pad spot. Currently, you only learn that by doing or reading a wiki. This visual could also be placed where the "naturally" occurring landing sites are. Press and hold action to toggle On/Off for Terrain Tool Augments without detaching. If you need to frequently add/remove augments (like I do), it can be frustrating, especially with a full backpack. Other things in this thread I like: +1 for selecting beacon icons as well as color. You've added so many beautiful new icons to the game, I'd love to use them as markers! +1 to toggling click-to-ping in Settings. +1 for no rock regrowth. Maybe this is waiting for the Terrain update? +1 for preventing accidentally deleting research. I suggest adding a final button press that requires a press-and-hold action with all-caps red flashing warning text on the panel. +1 for showing the total bytes of a research object in it's tool-tip if it's been researched before. Also a name, related to where it can be found. +1 for toggling extender direction in-place (left/right/bidirectional) My wish-list. These things either break the "not disruptive" rule or are just a lot of work and might not be 1.0 material (unless you happen to already have it planned). Allow opening the Research Catalog while in a vehicle or habitat. I've often wanted to browse or spend bytes while stuck in a storm. You could also allow managing the backpack in this state, but that would be really disruptive. Stick as much supplementary info on resources and recipes of all kinds in the catalog. Though I imagine it would take a lot of work, that's the first place a player might look for it before resorting to a wiki. Add a printer recipe for "crafting" a box back around an existing piece of equipment, consuming resources to do so. I'm sure this would have some implementation challenges around selecting what piece of equipment gets boxed. Adding a vehicle power hook-up to the back of the Buggy so it can be charged more easily One time, I had to abandon an entire save file because I couldn't find my way back to my base after searching for over an hour. I'm still terrified to explore too far away from the closest beacon due to this experience. I see a lot of suggesting trying to solve this similar issue, so I guess I'm not alone. I'm not 100% sure this isn't disruptive to other systems, but I wouldn't think so since batteries and power cells already work in the manner I'm suggesting. Frankly, this seems like an obvious oversight. I wouldn't be surprised if this was already on a to-do list and just got missed before the update dropped.
  3. Fireforge

    Power nuggets: gone but not forgotten

    Thanks for bringing up that power cells do kind of serve that purpose! I have in fact used power cells to extend the range of my rovers. I didn't talk about them initially because I was sticking to talking about power generation mechanics right at the beginning of the game, comparing power nuggets with organic resources.
  4. I'm seeing a lot of comments in the Crafting Update feedback about how people are really feeling the loss of the power nuggets. I had some thoughts on that and figured I'd write it down. Okay so power nuggets are gone, and the small generator + organic resource should now be the premier resource for early-game, easy-to-find power generation. This seems fine on paper. As long as you have a small generator, an organic resource should just be a power nugget by another name, right? So why does everyone really feel like they miss power nuggets? If people really are missing them, that doesn't mean they should come back. Maybe the small generator + organic solution just needs some improvement to really replace it. For me, I think the issue lies the in the mechanics. Small generators have to be turned on and off manually. Also, if the generator continues to run but nothing needs the power, it just wastes the resources. Those two facts mean you need to keep turning it on and off to be efficient. The constant on/off of the generator is a really tedious task to impose on the player. Power nuggets, in contrast, were really convenient! Power only got drained when something needed it, an efficiency that made them last longer. Also it all worked automatically! Put it in your backpack or rover, and you've got power, nothing else to it. [1] So the question then becomes: how do you make small generator + organic feel as convenient as the power nuggets? Why not make the small generator (and medium, for that matter) only consume their resource when something needs the power? This is something I've wondered since I first played the game. I hate feeling like I'm wasting resources I've worked hard to collect. And it's not an engaging activity, just annoying. I haven't encountered a single situation where I appreciate the manual on/off of the generators. But if anyone can provide a reason why generators shouldn't only consume power when something actually draws on it, I'd be happy to hear it. [1] As an aside, power nuggets were also convenient because they didn't require any crafting to use. But Astroneer is a crafting game, right!? Mechanics that don't engage with crafting aren't mechanics you want IMO.
  5. This bug confused the heck out of me when I first encountered it. My rover disappeared after I landed my shuttle, which baffled me but I knew an early access game has bugs, so whatever. Then I was exploring a cavern under my main base for the first time and there was a rover dropping from the ceiling. At first I thought that the game just spawned a rover for me to find underground, similar to the free resources you can get at crash sites on the surface. But eventually I realized that it was just the vehicles I made sinking into the cavern.
  6. Fireforge

    Naming and Descriptions

    There's another topic on Beacon Labels if you had anything to add to other's input. You can join the discussion here:
  7. Fireforge

    Beacon Labels

    +1 for any combination of the following label implementation applied to any object that creates a beacon-like floating marker: - Select a color, at least 10 different colors - Select a symbol out of a list of useful stock. Needs a symbol for each vehicle and resource as well as simple things like circles, squares, numbers, etc. - Extra credit: Add a full on text note/tag/description to the beacon that is displayed when you are close to the object or when you click/hover on the marker