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  1. garath

    Auto Save

    I see your point. After a year of development, the programmers of this game are still struggling to implement the most basic features of the game. If they can't figure out how to keep players and items from falling through the world, I'm not sure why I thought they might, out of the blue, figure out basic file I/O operations needed to correctly implement basic save functionality--much less attempt the apparently much more complicated auto-save functionality. So much promise... and so much fail.
  2. garath

    Auto Save

    Have you considered adding an auto-save feature? I just played a new game for two hours before the program locked up, and I had to 'End Task'. When I started back up, there was zero evidence of the game I'd been playing for the last two hours. I'm surprised an auto-save feature wasn't added before the game went 1.0.
  3. So, I loaded up the latest version 215 and thought I'd give it a try. But as I'm trying to play, with no mouse buttons clicked, it is just digging away like crazy. This happened multiple times. I'm not seeing any "key stuck" behavior in any of the other games I'm playing. So, I tend to think this is a bug in Astroneer. Has anyone else seen this? Is there something you can suggest for me to try? Thanks in advance for your time!
  4. garath

    Any easy way to find system specs?

    The first line of your example bug report contains this: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 But when I run Speccy on my PC and look under OS, the only thing I see is: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit SP1 Clicking on either Summary or OS yields the same information. There are no details about version or build as required by your example post. Thus, as I said, the tool you recommended does not supply the information you are requiring for a bug report. Doing some additional googling turned up 'winver'. This provides the additional information that for my machine is 'Build 7601: Service Pack 1. It may be this game is only supported on Windows 10. Maybe Speccy returns the desired information for Windows 10. Probably, you should just say this game isn't supported on anything older than Windows 10?
  5. garath

    Any easy way to find system specs?

    Thank you for the suggestion. It is better than just doing System Properties. But it is still a far cry from the exhaustive list of suggested information requested for a bug post. The ideas of this game are so cool that I'd love to help with more detailed bug posts. Unfortunately, it is proving to be too much like WORK just to make a bug posting.
  6. garath

    One Critique

    Maybe to make it realistic. The planet is a sphere, and realistically, if you are on the absolute opposite end of the planet, there is no way you would be able to see a beacon that is floating up in the air when it is blocked by the entire planet.
  7. garath

    One Critique

    Personally, I get lost driving home from work and have been driving the same route for 20+ years. I'm glad you have a sense of direction. Me, not so much. :-)
  8. garath

    One Critique

    True. I think they say you have to string them along. So, you have to travel far enough that you can't see the beacon and then plant another one. When I first tried the game, I thought the beacons could always be seen from any distance. Nope. *sigh*
  9. garath

    One Critique

    Yes and no. Some survival games have maps while others do not. For example, the ultimate / first open sandbox survival game MineCraft doesn't have a map--at least at the beginning. In order to get a map of sorts in that game you have to do all manner of crafting and such. That's why in MineCraft you learn very early on to build piles of sand into the sky with a torch on them to use as a beacon. This game has beacons from the very beginning made of compound. I think the expectation is that you will use the beacons to help you get around. Now, with all this being said, I quickly installed a map add-on in MineCraft. If this game doesn't get a map, I doubt I will play it much. I tend to get lost a TON. Without a map, this game isn't really all that fun for me.
  10. In a sample post, they suggest supplying detailed system specs in the bug report. I'm too lazy to google that right now. Does anyone have a suggested tool that is a "one stop shop" for finding all this info including Windows build number, Ram brand and speed, etc? Thanks!
  11. Game Version is 0.2.10119. After some digging, located the rover underground. Running on Windows 7 64-bit.
  12. Playing the latest version on PC, started a new game, and my rover "disappeared'. Running out of air, I ran back to my base. Back at my base, the icon for the vehicle that usually is visible in the sky showed my vehicle where I thought I had left it. When I ran back to where I expected my rover, it was gone. I assume it had sunk into the ground.
  13. Please try again to state your issue. Your post is extremely hard to understand.
  14. garath

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Playing the PC version of Astroneer, I built a spaceship. But the ground was unstable, and it tipped over. I turned it over again but it was now some distance away from the Vehicle Bay. I put a habitat on it, filled it with fuel and then launched it. I hoped when it landed it would be next to the vehicle bay. Nope. It landed exactly where it took off from. I exited the vehicle and looked away for a second. When I looked back, the spaceship was gone. It had just completely disappeared.
  15. I was moving a storage from one spot to another when it just completely disappeared. (This is the same storage that had the "stuck" copper ore.)