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  1. ESa

    Possible Content Drop Schedule

    If the source was merely very reliable, I would hesitate to react. But since it's from very extremely super duper totally reliable and trusted, I will take that day off from work and just play Astroneer.
  2. ESa

    Sinkhole. What is this I don't even

    Just occurred to my mind: Could the winch be used here? It can be used to move huge solar panels simply by attaching the hook into a large object and then by holding the winch in hands. Large objects follow as if they had no weight at all.
  3. ESa

    Vehicle physics solved?!

    I've understood that the game is built on FPS engine. Is it so, that they haven't mechanics for vehicles? Or why is this so difficult? Small modifications are changing diving experience from 1 to 2, or 3 in best, but if the mechanics aren't 8 or 10 upon publication (should it ever come), the game will be crucified in reviews.
  4. ESa

    Lack of content

    LOL but true. Perhaps devs are holding something good and release once they feel we deserve it. ; ) Or perhaps they are saving content for next product, which we probably have to buy.
  5. ESa

    Vehicle physics solved?!

    My experience is that it's better than in the beginning. It doesn't full stop to every small bump and jumps mostly land wheels down. At least on Terran surface I can drive around and collect research pods. However, it's still far from even the worst driving game...
  6. ESa

    Research forest

    New plant-pods should grow.
  7. ESa

    Patch 196 ...

    I just make a hole to the ground and drop my loose stuff there. Physically the wind is a sideway force. It doesn't lift things into the air unless they are already in the motion and hit something which then redirects them up.
  8. Flying chair is great. It allows super fast exploration, but allows to transport only what's in your pack bag (or can "Holding while driving" glitch be used together with "Flying chair" glitch?). I would love to see a flying one man vessel in the game which could be very similar to Flying chair.
  9. I don't understand what you write, but your creations are great. : )
  10. I hope this thread isn't getting overly aggressive as it sounds... I feel that the intention of the original post. What's the timeframe? Surely there must be some estimates.
  11. ESa

    A cheaper way to make batteries

    Quite important point. I almost got exited at first. ; )
  12. ESa

    Base Building=No Protection

    Perhaps you are too far from the wall? At least for me it works to form a small protrusion and duck behind that.
  13. To me WildTiger's post was just a observation between two games. But I can see that it might sound like a serious accusation to dev's. Both are good games.
  14. ESa

    Changes to barren

    I would agree, that the gravity of barren is lighter now than before patch 155. That's just my feeling, I have nothing to back it up.
  15. I started the game in patch 155 and continued now. After saving and coming back, all things in Barren are lost. Happened twice in a row. : (