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    Better save-game handling

    Also locate save files in the game folder instead of the current location.
  2. Jimbodiah

    Spaceship will not launch

    Meh, I stopped playing until a stable version is released. I've lost three fully loaded trucks since this post, been killed off about 30 times while trying to recover trucks that are stuck 300m up in the air due to storms every 2-3 minutes that kill you instantly, stuff just disappearing and the insane UI they made for the vehicles.
  3. Storms happen every 3-4 minutes and the first rock that hits you will kill you. Would it be possible to lower the frequency of these things and the damage they deal?
  4. Jimbodiah

    Spaceship will not launch

    Nice, I have a useless ship now and can't even delete it...
  5. Please remove the colliders on rocks and other scenery items that are not crucial. Trucks and rovers hit every single pebble and want to stop, this is annoying as heck.
  6. Jimbodiah

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I've lost my truck three times now while standing next to it. It is there one second and gone the next. One time it was stuck really high in the air for some reason. No doubt the funky behavior on it's colliders are causing this.
  7. Tethers can only be collected if there is space in the top-left position of the back pack. If there is not they will simply be deleted. I found out after collecting 20 tethers on Exotic where I can find no Compound to make new ones.
  8. Hi, I built the ship as seen in the attachment, is there a reason it will not launch? The icon appears above the ship, but pressing it doesn't do anything.
  9. Jimbodiah

    Mobile research unit

    Would it be possible to add a mobile research module that let's you open the research pods on your rover/truck/spaceship? Maybe have a requirement of 1 unit of compound to power the unit for some kind of balance. This would make life a lot simpler as you can't drag a lot of those pods with you over great distances.
  10. Jimbodiah

    The great truck in the sky

    My truck was next to me one second and way up in the air the next. As there is some kind of render distance, the truck would not move/fall anymore. To get my truck full of Lithium and titantium back, I built a bridge to the sky in the hope to get near it. Upon getting near the truck it became active again and started to fall. Mission complete. Here in the picture it fell below my render distance and got stuck again, but this time easier to reach. Maybe increase the range in which objects remain active and physics still apply?
  11. Jimbodiah

    Micropatch this morning?

    I bought the game yesterday, played 6 hours non-stop I think... no a glitch. Today the game is unplayable where I lost my savegame from yesterday, my truck went into the sky and got stuck, started a new save where items just disappear, tethers no longer work, etc etc... As of today the game is unplayable for me because of all the bugs.
  12. Jimbodiah

    Tether pylons acting flaky

    Same here...
  13. Jimbodiah

    Better save-game handling

    * Renameable
  14. Saved games are impossible to distinguish from each other and unreliable. I lost a 6 hour play through today as well for some reason, it being replaced by an older save I tried so see if this would fix issues I had. - have saves be renable - smaller fonts so it will show more info on the screen, now I only see part of the first line of the date