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  1. Save for discussions off topic or outright offensive, anyone can discuss whatever they want. You don't have to agree with it and those holding a different opinion aren't opposing you, they just have a different opinion. I recommend letting it go, this is very unpleasant.
  2. You've hit on some very important points I believe get lost in this kind of discussion and I agree with the direction of providing more gameplay options than restricting them. Without observing the distinctions between solo and competitive play, there's naturally going to be some ideological head-butting as folks approach the discussion from different positions without fully considering the other or being entirely aware of it. Whenever a binary argument comes up we should know by now it's going down a path that isn't to help the development. Just like the binary arguments about a food mechanic, there's nearly unlimited possibilities the direction of implementation so as soon as someone says "it cant be done" that's a barrier to constructive discussion--time to redirect.
  3. For the record, unless the module is actually drilling into the ground it's pulling them out of thin air. In any case, the environment would then dictate how easily one could produce it. Availability could be dictated both on planetary scale and specific to a location.
  4. I'll provide you a reasonable scenario why it shouldn't. At the very beginning of the pre-alpha, I'd stranded myself on a planet with zero surface resources, brought none with me and only had a ship, a pack of tethers and a single small solar panel in a bad position that received light less than a third of the planet's entire orbit. Needless to say it consumed many hours of digging and exploring to come up with the resources to finally build a fuel condenser and get off that hellhole of a planet. And it was likely the best time I ever had in this game. So at this stage of the game's development it has a purpose. Perhaps there's a scientific explanation why we can create hydrazine from thin air, but given that it's inconsistent with expected science and the other game mechanics I predict it's just an enabling mechanic the devs gave to us until their priorities allow them to really nail down a reasonable value and method of producing this resource. Simply removing it is like using a sledgehammer to install a picture hanging nail and breaks the game for notoriously finicky "co-developers" of Early Access. More constructively, these discussions could help the devs solve this problem. There's some really great ideas people are thinking up and that's what Early Access gaming is all about.
  5. How you say you see things, to be more accurate. But I don't believe you do as its quite arbitrary and logically unsound. In real life, not feeding yourself is negligence on your part, the universe bears no responsibility. You break it, you fix it, so it fits well within your criteria for gameplay. Maintaining power and oxygen is also grind too and if you don't take care of them you die but you're not complaining about those things. So the problem isn't one of mechanics, it's your perception of the mechanics and that you just don't like it. At least be honest about it instead of trying to so transparently rationalize it. In fact, you're so against it you can't even allow it to be part of the game so that others can enjoy the additional challenges and varied gameplay it provides.
  6. Works for me. I began playing this game detesting how the vehicle physics work and found it faster to sprint around or shuttle to other areas. But if you can't find research to make a shuttle that's quite a different story.
  7. If I could delete this thread I would. A game in early pre-release development shouldn't suffer destructive, toxic commentary such as this. The developers have offered us a privilege to work with them to develop this game, not to hand-hold people and being held ransom by unreasonable demands. I love this game and, as did everyone , I knew when I paid that I was getting an unfinished game without a defined development schedule. And fully appreciate that it may take awhile before things shape up the way the devs want. I'm happy to suppport them in the mean time.
  8. That would definitely be expecting too much. This is another reason why an astro-meteorological viewpoint would be helpful. Like with tidal locked planets, planets that rotate fast, or have little to no atmosphere, they won't have seasons but those dynamics could create endemic weather. We already have some, but none that has an effect on gameplay, presently. Other than blocks and spikey balls.
  9. safest way to do it is in a chair.
  10. I've been wanting to go geodesic but I just haven't had the time for it.
  11. Yeah. I got myself turned around a bit on my post. Yes, I'd like to see seasons in this game. However that would require planets that don't spin perpendicular to their star.
  12. Yeah, because there are absolutely no other sandbox slash space games that have weather or seasons. Or farming mechanics, check the roadmap
  13. Since Terran, and I believe all of the planets, spins on its axis perpendicular to its companion star, why then do we have seasons? Without the variability of thermal mixing of disharmonious air currents, due to an off-kilter axis, seasons don't occur. Air currents or jet streams tend to be uniform for their particular latitude with only minor disturbances between bands. But temperature variations shouldn't vary considerably. Jupiter is an extreme example as its atmosphere is very thick without land masses to keep them in check. I'm hoping someone has some astro-meteorological science facts to offer on way or the other.
  14. Best of luck, I had this surgery (bilateral sciatica with a piriformis pass-through/syndrome kicker) and it's actually very routine. I was up and walking the next day. You'll hopefully find that without the pain you're motivated to do anything other than just sitting or lying around. Cheers <3