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  1. That's why the devs are adding a creative mode. Otherwise, the standard single player is obviously meant to have some form of balance to it. Expecting to playerbase to simply not use something because it is OP is a very stupid and lazy way to someone to develop a game and a good way to kill its playerbase. IF you have no interest in discussing how to make the games balance better I don;t really know why you're even here as it sounds like that part of the game doesn't' even interest you. Otherwise, what's the point of even having the mining/exploration aspect of the game to beg
  2. I guess it could be a little annoying if it keeps coming while you're under ground. Maybe if you set up what you want to trade before hand, then it does the trade when the probe arrives. How ever long that make take. I just find the current trading system to be extremely OP (particularly with Fuel and Organic things being so plentiful and common) and I assume the devs will want to try and balance resource gathering some how.
  3. IMO the trade platform is a pretty broken building. It's just way too abuse-able and makes getting any recourse extremely easy (especially if combined with a Fuel Condenser). So what I was thinking was instead of building a trade platform, you build a landing pad. The way it works is, every now and then a NPC controlled Spaceship lands on the landing pad. This Spaceship will have a range of resources you can trade for. Maybe they land with 2 Copper, 1 Organic and 2 Compound resources. Then you offer what you want to trade, if anything, and then take off and leave. Then you can't t
  4. AFAIK PS4 doesn't have an Early Access type system in place. So if the game does come to PS$ it won't be until the game's official launch. Will is probably a while off.
  5. Are you sure it was the rod and not just a bug? I've had things fly around all over the place. One of my rovers crashed one time and we couldn't find it anywhere. 20 minutes later, we build our first probe, launch into space and off in the distance we see the blue triangle indicating our Rover is in fact, deep in space..
  6. When I place tethers I always try to place them the max distance apart, to get the most efficiency out of them. This can often mean a lot of trial and error slowly moving the mouse around until I get the tether in just the right place. So how about, when you go to place a Tether, a ring appears around Tethers you've already placed that indicates their max range. So you know where exactly to place your next Tether without mucking around finding the exact spot.